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About Sweet Sincerity Jewelry

Sweet Sincerity Jewelry is the brain child of Bethany Coulombe.  Founded in 2009, Sweet Sincerity Jewelry began as unique bead and wirework designs.  Soon thereafter, Bethany began to learn the art of silversmithing from a local instructor.  

Now, Sweet Sincerity Jewelry is focused on making Sea Glass Jewelry.  Bethany uses her silversmithing, beading, and wire working skills to transform her beach finds into wearable art.  She enjoys sneaking off to the beach during all seasons to find beautiful shards of sea glass and breathtaking ocean views.



Handcrafted in Maine

Besides being uniquely beautiful, Sea Glass Jewelry can be meaningful for many reasons.  Some people buy it as a lasting memory of their time spent in Maine.  Others appreciate it's meaningful symbolism of resilience and rebirth.  Still others are Sea Glass collectors, voracious beachcombers seeking out rare pieces of color and origin.  Bethany, herself, deeply connects with the idea that something broken can be precious and beautiful in it's own way.  Read some thoughts that she has written about the subject here:  The Beauty of Sea Glass (

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