I Wish Tomorrow Were Monday... Oh Wait, It Is!

You don't often hear people expound upon their love of Mondays.  I can certainly understand why.  For many people, Monday brings an abrupt end to their restful weekends with friends, family, and fun (an irresistible trifecta of things that begin with "F").  Replacing the leisure and frivolity of the weekend, is the harsh reality of THE WORK WEEK, which clearly is in all capitals because it's super scary and hard.
We even have a jewelry line together called B Squared

For me however, Monday is the day I look
forward to ALL WEEK!  Why?  Because, Monday means a return to the comfort and excitement of the studio, which is now located in a gorgeous and spacious addition attached to a friend's home.  Also, I have the SUPER AMAZING privilege of sharing this workspace with my friend and fellow crafting enthusiast, Brianna Robinson, of
 The Chronic Artist.  We laugh, share tools and ideas, make stuff, watch far too much Netflix, drink tea, eat soup, and generally have a wonderful time every Monday, and sometimes Tuesday.  The sound of dueling hammers (sometimes beating in time, but mostly not) fills the air, accompanied by occasional fits of uncontrollable laughter.  In short, Mondays are AWESOME.

Bri with a "pounding" headache
Let me tell you a bit about this friend with whom I share my Mondays.  As I mentioned, she is the crafter/artisan behind The Chronic Artist.  When she is not bending and hammering metal to her will, she is a pediatric nurse, with smiles, hugs, and obscure Sci-fi quotes to share with her patients.  Her artist style is kind of like-LOOK, THERE'S A SQUIRREL! By that I mean, she is interested in and talented at EVERTHING crafty-be that gourmet cooking, jewelry making, knitting, painting, sewing, nail art, and basically anything else that you could possibly think of.  Once she made me a pair of hand-felted slippers, no joke.  Believe it or not (aside from her mild fruit snack addiction) she is a really normal and well adjusted human being, which makes for a peaceful and happy work environment.

So, you can see why I love Mondays, right? If you happen NOT to adore Mondays and find my exuberance about them annoyingly chipper, my apologies.  Just know, every Monday there are two little artisans, in a happy little studio, working away, hoping to make you something wonderful that will make you smile EVERY day of the week.


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