My Internet Breakup

My dearest Internet,

We've been together a long time.  I fondly recall all those years when I would patiently sit, waiting to dial you up, just so we could connect.  Over time, you became my constant companion, traveling with me wherever me and my mobile devices would wander.  Lately though, things haven't been quite right,  and that is why I am writing you this heartfelt letter.
To put it bluntly-It's not me, it's you. You promise to reach me, but our connection is unpredictable at best.  When I need you, it seems like you're never there I can't stand this on-again/off-again relationship; it makes me wonder if our relationship is really worth the $40/month.

Yes, I understand that from your point of view if I really loved you I wouldn't have moved out to the middle of no where, forcing us to have such a long distance relationship.  The truth is that I desperately need you.  So please, be the strong information superhighway that I know you to be and get this under ctrl.  Don't make me turn on my ALL CAPS.


P.s. adorable computer pillow in photo found here: