What Up Winter?!?

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Hello again my internet savvy, blog reading, super chic friends!  It's me, your favorite irregular blogger here, hoping you all had a lovely last few months.  I find myself going through blog withdrawals, after a busy, BUSY blog-less holiday season.  So far this winter in New England we've had a ridiculously manic season-we've endured chilling blizzards, followed by spring temperatures that melt all our snow away THE VERY NEXT DAY!  Sorry, I didn't mean to shout, but seriously.

postcard by Here My Dear
ANYWAY....I will try to sum up the last few months of my incredibly interesting life (stop laughing) in one grammatically correct sentence.  Because my husband hurt his back and couldn't work, I began to work as a Spanish-English interpretor for various individuals and at the hospital, where my sister recently gave birth to her second child.  Not exactly sure if that really works as a grammatically correct sentence, but I tried. HARD.  So, needless to say, although I am going to say it anyway, I've had a busy few months trying to work at the gallery, interpreting, keeping up with Etsy sales, taking care of hubby when necessary, visiting with my sister and new baby boy.  C'est la vie, right?  Or should I say, QUE SERA, SERA.  We're all busy.  And some of us too busy to blog apparently.  To all of you who are super busy AND awesomely consistent bloggers, YOU ARE MY HERO(s).

Here's some custom work I've done over the past few months.  Want something special made just for you?  I'm your girl!  Just not til April, because, we're moving!!!!!  More on that LATER!!!!  ;)