It's Like Football Season...Except for GIRLS!

vintage inspired wedding gown by Sheena Espiritu Solis, peacock earrings by Sweet Sincerity, wedding bouquet by Dragonfly Expression, wedding shoes by Parisxox, pink champagne bridesmaid dress by Blush, boutonniere by Southern Ideal
It seems almost impossible to exist in the month of June without thinking about WEDDINGS.  Maybe You are getting married, someone you know is getting married, you've been invited to a wedding, you were a June bride, or maybe you want to be in the future.  I suppose it's possible that you live under a nice big rock ( with excellent Internet connection, obviously) and have not given a single thought to the subject, but now that you are reading  my blog I'm the one not allowing you to exist without thinking about weddings! :) Ummmm....Sorry?!?! I just can't get weddings out of my head, because people I know are getting married, I was a June bride(as was my sister and my mother in law) and it seems all of my recent online orders have been for weddings.  It adds a little pressure when the customer tells me they need the item by a certain date because they are wearing the piece to a wedding, in a wedding, or FOR THEIR WEDDING!!!  It's such an honor to think that the work I do in my little Maine studio is going all over the world to be worn at such special events.  I even took time to come up with a new bridal bracelet design (below).  I hope to expand my wedding line in the future.  Okay, many times did I just say WEDDING in this paragraph?  Answer:  9 times...yikes.

The New Bridal Bouquet Cuff Bracelet by Sweet Sincerity (with June birthstone, Pearl!)

It's hard to believe that I was a June bride a whole 6 years ago!  If you're trying to do the math and figure out how old I am, I got married at age12...okay, not really.  I'm SO excited for our anniversary because we almost always surprise each other with something special (except the time we decided on buying matching motorcycle helmets as our anniversary gifts to each other, but that's a whole other story).  This year I have BIG, FUN plans!!!  I can't wait to tell you all about them!  Ciao for Now!  :)

Obviously we've been well fed since then ;)
*Footnote:  I would like to address the politically incorrectness of the title of this blog.  A girl can love football and love weddings, hate weddings and love football, hate football and love weddings, hate weddings and hate football, or not have strong feelings one way or another about either football or weddings.  And so can a dude.  Any and all inflammatory comments made are are included merely for comedic affect, and hopefully, are not grounds for a severe butt kicking of the author.