Chasinging Blogularity: an analytical consideration of how NOT to be a blogging looser

11 x 14 Art Print by Parada Creations (It's more like I wish I were a big deal on my own blog.)
It is my most sincere desire (you know, after world peace and my husband retiring at 35) that I somehow find a way to be a regular, successful blogger.  I am so sick of starting EVERY SINGLE blog post with an obligatory, introductory "I haven't blogged in so long" paragraph.  The problem seems to be that, as an artist, my right brain's need for spontaneity habitually trumps my left brain need for structure and routine.  Basically, what this means is I only blog when I feel like it.  I know, L-A-M-E!  In an effort to see my goal realized, I am trying to analyze what makes successful bloggers successful, madly hoping that genetic predisposition has nothing to do with it.  Here's what I came up with so far:

Don't wait until your blog post is perfect to publish it, or it will never see the light of day.  In a perfect world everyone would have their very own unicorn...and live under a rainbow..and clean with the help of small woodland creatures.  This is not a perfect world, and the closest anyone comes to perfection is on a resume...
(Throw your perfect little plans AWAY!)  Moleskine Notebook by big and mighty

Add more Pictures!  No one cares what you ate for breakfast yesterday or hear why you think your cat is depressed-all we really want is to see some pretty pictures!

(Do you see what's missing here?)  Shabby Chic Frames by Mountain Cove Antiques

Keep your posts focused on one clear theme, and don't write a novel about it.  It's best if your readers are not in a coma nor significantly aged by the time they finish reading your post.
Old Man Reading in Cafe by Dancing Bug Photos (He was twenty when he started reading my blog.)


Write a few blog posts when you have the time to do so, and then schedule your posts to be automatically published at different times throughout the week (or in my case, month and/or year).   For instructions how to do this on blogger, click here.

(It's like you have your own personal blogging robot!)  Pink Robot Personalized Typewriter Print by RukaRuka
Do you have any suggestions you smart, generous, good-lookin' readers? ;) If you're a blogger, I'd love to hear what you do to maintain your Blogularity!  If you're a reader, I'd love to hear what you think makes a successful blog!  Thank you in advance for your ideas, cuz I sure don't hate comments :) And I need all the help I can get!!!!!