Spring is in the Air!

Yellow Silk Blouse by Leanimal, Bootcut Gray Pants by andwhatelseisthere, Zipper Rose Hairpin by JillsBoutique, Rutilated Quartz ring by SweetSincerity, Hammered Gold Bracelet by SweetSincerity, Kallisto Bag by milloo, Striped Cardigan by KarinaManarin, Yellow Bow Shoe Clips by No144 

          It's hard to believe that just a week ago, we were experiencing a full blown snowstorm here in frosty New England.  This week, the sun has been out, melting what little is left of our remaining snowbanks and warming the temperature to a balmy 60 degrees Fahrenheit!  Ah, the beauty of the manic Maine weather.   In order to celebrate the fact that spring is in the air-whether is remains in the air is anyone's guess-I decided to pick out a few Spring Fashion Finds to share with the great big blogosphere.  The color palette for this collection is cloudy gray and sunshiny yellow-a perfect reflection of the colors of the spring season here.  Enjoy these fabulous finds, perfectly coupled with a few Sweet Sincerity pieces!

'til next time!