Nap Time for This Workaholic

It's hard to believe that it has been over a month since my last blog post! For better or worse, the feverish, December shopping rush has carried into January, which leaves me little time for my beloved blog.  GASP!  I know, isn't that just terrible?  I admire professional bloggers who have the time and energy to post something new and intriguing EVERYDAY.  Obviously, I have to wait MONTHS to find something worthy enough to share with anyone!  HA!  Because of of the flurry of this sustained craziness, I find myself more than a little tired.  So, the subject of today's Handmade Fashion Finds is NAP TIME. On this rainy, overcast Friday morning, I'm wishing I could just snuggle on the couch ALL DAY in my pajamas, with a thick, soft blanket and a cup of chai tea in my hands.  Enjoy the restful luxuriousness of the handmade items above, and if you MUST WORK like I must today, make sure to pour yourself some tea to comfort you while you work. :)

Print by catalyst54
However, getting to work in the studio today will be a kind of relief, because I finally have a little time to start some new designs.  Not having the time to do that is a little like CREATIVE TORTURE, because I have new design ideas running through my head all the time, 24/7!  I forget sometimes that there is only one of me, and I'll probably never have time to implement all the ideas that I think of on a daily basis.  Nevertheless, I still want to.  Even the gorgeous gems that I have purchase recently are anxious, waiting for me to make them into something spectacular.  I think they might be developing a complex, thinking that I am ignoring them. Okay, maybe IT IS time for a nap, I am attributing human qualities to rocks... 

My Bio on the Maine Jewelry & Art web page
One HUGE thing that I MUST report that happened in the past month is that I officially became a co-owner at Maine Jewelry and Art. Papers were singed, money is being exchanged, and I am officially a part owner of a gallery! It's giving me a lot of great experience running a shop which will come in handy when/if I have my own Sweet Sincerity Boutique in the future. One of the other UBER-talented co-owners of the gallery does our website, Anne Reigstad of Ymir Glass. She even made me my own BIO page! Ahhhhh!  I hate talking about myself-it's so awkward-but I managed to chuckle my way through talking about my life's achievements. (if you've already read a bio of mine feel free to skip to the end of this post-you already know anything remotely interesting about me):

Domino Pendant by taylorrain1

"My name is Bethany Coulombe, I'm currently somewhere in my 20's (a lady never tells exactly where), and I live in Bangor, Maine. By some miracle, I find myself married to a sweet, funny, little french carpenter, Matthew, who is not only a wonderful human being, but also looks amazing in a suit.

Ever since I was a child, I ALWAYS knew I wanted to be an artist. I loved drawing, painting, sculpting, and the prospect of having a job where I thought I had to wear a little french beret. Of course, I did think about going down a few other career paths as I grew up (eg. a ballerina, Stone Philips' co-anchor on the Nightly News, an architect, an art teacher, a construction worker, a medical receptionist, and a foreign language translator) before I decided on being a Jewelry Designer.

When all was said and done, my inherited artistic abilities (thanks dad!), and my general, overwhelming joie de vivre and love of sparkly things (thanks mom!) led me to comfortably settle into jewelry making. I'm not going to lie, I still secretly want to be a ballerina, but the thought of being the only student over 3 feet tall in an introductory ballet class makes me realize that the ship of opportunity has REALLY already sailed on that career path.

Vinyl Wall Decal Quote by urbanexpression
In terms of accolades from accredited institutions, I am a 2004 graduate of John Bapst Memorial High School, I graduated summa cum laude with Honors in 2007 with a Bachelors degree in Romance Languages (concentration in French and Spanish) from University of Maine Orono, and I am currently enrolled as life-long student in the School of Hard Knocks, where the tuition is high but the lessons are priceless.

I also love to blog (, to participate in community volunteer work, and shop-while attempting to control my seemingly insatiable love of pretty shoes and
overpriced handbags."  

 ~More to news to come, I'm sure...but Ciao for Now!  :)