Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Rise of Fall

Top by outofline, cardigan by PierogiPicnic, pencil skirt by FineThreadz, earrings by Sweet Sincerity, purse by chicleather, ombre tights by BZRshop, heels by 12e61, bracelet by Sweet Sincerity
I honestly don't know where the time has gone; summer is really over, children are already back in school, family outings include apple picking and corn mazes, and that familiar cold nip has returned to the New England air.  I find myself sadly saying goodbye to my toes, my summertime companions, that walked with me in the ocean waves, puttered bare around the house with me on lazy afternoons, and never missed an opportunity to look cute in my favorite summer sandals.  For now, my tootsies are comfortably nestled in thick, warm socks where they will spend their winter hibernating, only to be seen again next spring.  That's not the only wardrobe change that this new season requires.  Though I often joke that Maine is one of the only places on earth where you have to wear sweaters all year round, when fall officially arrives, as it has over the past few weeks, sweaters go from being a casual luxury to an everyday necessity.  Following the sweater closely on the top list of necessary seasonal accoutrements is the closed-toe shoe, a sensible compromise between the open-toe sandal of summer past and the looming inevitability of the dreaded winter boot.  So, in the spirit of looking gorgeous in all types of weather, I compiled a selection of handmade items sure to keep you warmly in fashion.  At the center of the color palette for this collection are warm pops of apricot orange and cool, rich charcoal grays.  Gilding these plush layers of textiles are just a few Sweet Sincerity designs, including one of my very favorite new designs - the Scheherazade Earrings in Rose Gold Topaz (also available in an Amethyst Luster).  I hope you like them as much as I do!

The Scheherazade Earrings in Rose Gold Topaz and Amethyst, available in my shop.

Friday, July 20, 2012

June-A Month in Review

Princess Pink Garden Shoe Watercolor by Brownlee Art Studio
So now that July's almost over, I thought I would fill you in on what happened in June.  At this point, I'm sure everyone has totally forgotten about the month of June, busily embroiled in hot, stick July fun. However, since I pretty much skipped over the ENTIRE month of June with barely a blurb, I figured that now the month deserves at least a few short words. 

Green Computer Ring by Sypria
In terms of online sales, June was a total bust.  Okay, not a TOTAL bust, but really, REALLY pitiful.  I think I had a grand total of three sales last month.  As I was sitting in front of my keyboard, feeling sorry for myself, I happened upon an article on the Etsy blog that talked about the SUMMER SALES SLUMP many sellers encounter.  Apparently, this trend is due to the fact that around June, many pasty people blinkingly make their way out into the sun, after spending 10 months or so basking in the fluorescent light of their computer monitors.  After reading the aforementioned article, I quickly ended my self indulgent pity party and decided to start preparing my shop for the BUSY upcoming holiday season, as the article suggested.  Last year, October straight through til February, things got CRAZY online AND my brick and mortar shop.  Therefore, I surmised that there were quite a few things that I could use my free time to do, in expectation of the busy season ahead.  Then, my perfect little plan was thrown, careening, out the window.  Unexpectedly, the very second the clock read 12:00am, July 1st, online orders came FLYING IN over the interwebs (thanks Amanda, that word never gets old).  Perhaps at this point in the Northern Hemisphere people are retreating from the searing summer sun and returning to the soothing fluorescent light of their computer screens, conveniently located in a refrigerated indoor oasis.   In any case, this unsuspecting little business lady has become unexpectedly B-U-S-Y!  Not that I'm complaining, I'm just trying to catch my breath.  :)

So June....right.  That is what I was righting about!  Well, the most notable thing that happened in June was my and Mateo's 6th wedding anniversary.  We've been trying to save some money, so I had little financial leeway when it came to buying a "LIFE CHANGING, HEART STOPPING, OH-NO-YOU-DIDN'T" anniversary gift for him.  What I ended up doing was really creative and  fun, thankfully my husband seemed to think so too.  I got him one small almost practical gift, his signature cologne, which I absolutely LOVE.  His former bottle of cologne, that he'd had since we were dating, met it's tragic demise one day when it's beautifully delicate bottle encountered the beautiful but NOT so delicate marble floor in our bathroom (p.s. It wasn't my fault this time, FEW!).  This small, almost practical, gift just didn't seem exciting enough for an anniversary present for my beloved, so I decided to spice it up a little.  I made finding his gift into an indoor treasure hunt!  I wrote Mateo 6 cards, one for each year we've been married, and scattered 5 of them in secret places all around the house.  I gave the first card to him, which had a riddle inside, explaining where the next card was hidden.  All of the riddles were connected to our own little inside jokes, silly memories, or important events in our lives, like: "What is the one anniversary gift you swear you will NEVER buy me again?"  (answer, incomprehensibly large furniture...don't ask).  Once he figured out the riddle, he would head to the location of the object in question and search for his next card, the last card revealing what his gift was!  It turned out to be a really sweet way to laugh and reminisce about our past.  Finally, after all of my gift giving shenanigans, we jetted off to nearby, scenic Bar Harbor, Maine with Mateo's parents, to stroll along the city streets, arm in arm, enjoying the ocean air.

Cards Can Be a GREAT GIFT!  Check out some INSANE Handmade Cards that I found on Etsy!  Lego Card by Silly Reggie, Message in a Bottle by Looking Glass Memory, 3D Hearts Card with Glasses by Wit and Whistle, Secret Message Decoder Card by Crank Bunny, Puzzle Card by Takara Wooden Treasure, Message in an Egg by Little Okins, Cake Post Card by Tang Baby, Chinese Calligraphy I Love You Card by Televised
So, in review, June was a pretty quite month, except for a few extraordinarily bright spots with my love.  :)

Have a great July, everyone!

Friday, June 8, 2012

It's Like Football Season...Except for GIRLS!

vintage inspired wedding gown by Sheena Espiritu Solis, peacock earrings by Sweet Sincerity, wedding bouquet by Dragonfly Expression, wedding shoes by Parisxox, pink champagne bridesmaid dress by Blush, boutonniere by Southern Ideal
It seems almost impossible to exist in the month of June without thinking about WEDDINGS.  Maybe You are getting married, someone you know is getting married, you've been invited to a wedding, you were a June bride, or maybe you want to be in the future.  I suppose it's possible that you live under a nice big rock ( with excellent Internet connection, obviously) and have not given a single thought to the subject, but now that you are reading  my blog I'm the one not allowing you to exist without thinking about weddings! :) Ummmm....Sorry?!?! I just can't get weddings out of my head, because people I know are getting married, I was a June bride(as was my sister and my mother in law) and it seems all of my recent online orders have been for weddings.  It adds a little pressure when the customer tells me they need the item by a certain date because they are wearing the piece to a wedding, in a wedding, or FOR THEIR WEDDING!!!  It's such an honor to think that the work I do in my little Maine studio is going all over the world to be worn at such special events.  I even took time to come up with a new bridal bracelet design (below).  I hope to expand my wedding line in the future.  Okay, many times did I just say WEDDING in this paragraph?  Answer:  9 times...yikes.

The New Bridal Bouquet Cuff Bracelet by Sweet Sincerity (with June birthstone, Pearl!)

It's hard to believe that I was a June bride a whole 6 years ago!  If you're trying to do the math and figure out how old I am, I got married at age12...okay, not really.  I'm SO excited for our anniversary because we almost always surprise each other with something special (except the time we decided on buying matching motorcycle helmets as our anniversary gifts to each other, but that's a whole other story).  This year I have BIG, FUN plans!!!  I can't wait to tell you all about them!  Ciao for Now!  :)

Obviously we've been well fed since then ;)
*Footnote:  I would like to address the politically incorrectness of the title of this blog.  A girl can love football and love weddings, hate weddings and love football, hate football and love weddings, hate weddings and hate football, or not have strong feelings one way or another about either football or weddings.  And so can a dude.  Any and all inflammatory comments made are are included merely for comedic affect, and hopefully, are not grounds for a severe butt kicking of the author.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Chasinging Blogularity: an analytical consideration of how NOT to be a blogging looser

11 x 14 Art Print by Parada Creations (It's more like I wish I were a big deal on my own blog.)
It is my most sincere desire (you know, after world peace and my husband retiring at 35) that I somehow find a way to be a regular, successful blogger.  I am so sick of starting EVERY SINGLE blog post with an obligatory, introductory "I haven't blogged in so long" paragraph.  The problem seems to be that, as an artist, my right brain's need for spontaneity habitually trumps my left brain need for structure and routine.  Basically, what this means is I only blog when I feel like it.  I know, L-A-M-E!  In an effort to see my goal realized, I am trying to analyze what makes successful bloggers successful, madly hoping that genetic predisposition has nothing to do with it.  Here's what I came up with so far:

Don't wait until your blog post is perfect to publish it, or it will never see the light of day.  In a perfect world everyone would have their very own unicorn...and live under a rainbow..and clean with the help of small woodland creatures.  This is not a perfect world, and the closest anyone comes to perfection is on a resume...
(Throw your perfect little plans AWAY!)  Moleskine Notebook by big and mighty

Add more Pictures!  No one cares what you ate for breakfast yesterday or hear why you think your cat is depressed-all we really want is to see some pretty pictures!

(Do you see what's missing here?)  Shabby Chic Frames by Mountain Cove Antiques

Keep your posts focused on one clear theme, and don't write a novel about it.  It's best if your readers are not in a coma nor significantly aged by the time they finish reading your post.
Old Man Reading in Cafe by Dancing Bug Photos (He was twenty when he started reading my blog.)


Write a few blog posts when you have the time to do so, and then schedule your posts to be automatically published at different times throughout the week (or in my case, month and/or year).   For instructions how to do this on blogger, click here.

(It's like you have your own personal blogging robot!)  Pink Robot Personalized Typewriter Print by RukaRuka
Do you have any suggestions you smart, generous, good-lookin' readers? ;) If you're a blogger, I'd love to hear what you do to maintain your Blogularity!  If you're a reader, I'd love to hear what you think makes a successful blog!  Thank you in advance for your ideas, cuz I sure don't hate comments :) And I need all the help I can get!!!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Surviving Spring, New England Style: A Handmade Fashion How-To

A collection in Coral- On trend for Spring:  Wrap top by Lirola, Necklace by Sweet Sincerity, Umbrella by Jen Hanlon Ash Photo, Brown Top by zelaya, Capris by  Salts, Wedge Heels by South Of Africa, Purse by loom and hyde, and Earrings by Sweet Sincerity

I have to say that when I started this blog a year or so ago to promote my growing jewelry business, I NEVER thought I would spend so much of my time writing about the local weather.  The weather was simply a topic that I had never given much thought to, evident by the fact that I habitually wore WHATEVER I wanted to wear, WHENEVER I wanted to wear it.  Yes, that was me, the girl who, regardless of the forecast (something I never watched, by the way) wore sandals in January, tights in August, and almost always found herself umbrella-less in a down pour. Yes, I am ashamed to admit, the extremist expressions "Fashion Slave," "Beauty is Pain," and "Fashion before Practicality" were part of my daily rhetoric.  As I got older, and just a smidge wiser, I miraculously realized that fabulous form and flat function can, in fact, co-exist.  After years of inappropriate dressing (for the weather that is) I have picked up a few tricks that make living in such an unpredictable climate fashionably do-able.  So, in order for YOU too to survive the capricious whimsy of atmospheric conditions, I have compiled a list of absolute ESSENTIAL for any fashionista who is crazy enough to live this close to the North Pole.
  •  Live it Up with Jewelry
    • I promise I am not just saying this because I am a Jewelry Designer.  Jewelry is one DURABLE fashion accessory that you can pretty much rock all year long!  That is of course with the exception of feather earrings, which I suggest you leave at home on a rainy day unless you want to have a "bad feather day" in addition to a bad hair day.
  • Invest in a Colorful Umbrella
    •  If you do, not only will you avoid getting completely drenched, you may find yourself a little cheerier from the beautiful bright colors of your oh-so-practical accoutrement, despite overcast skies. (HINT: you want to find an umbrella that is so bright and beautiful you look forward to rainy days so you can use it.)
  • Consider Wearing Shoes that are the Color of Mud 
    • Spring in Maine=Mud, simple as that.  So, wearing cute, brownish, WASHABLE shoes is a necessity.  If your not adverse to wearing a platform shoe, those few extra inches will elevate your tootsies above most murky puddles, keeping your feet high and dry.
  • Wear Capris
    • Not only are these stylish bottoms complementary to most body types, they also are a perfect choice for spring wear. When the weather seems to be having as much as an identity crisis as capris themselves (you know, they're not long enough to be pants/not short enough to be shorts), you'll have enough leg coverage for a cool, rainy day with enough skin exposed to let your ankles feel a warm breeze if the weather warms up.
  • Layer on the Shirts
    • One tank top that you wouldn't mind sporting out in public + One long sleeve shirt + One wrap or light jacket = Spring Preparedness. If it's a little brisk out you're covered, but you can progressively peel back the layers when you start sweating like a pig.   (NOTE:  Avoid sleeveless turtlenecks as your base layer-they are the deceptive little liars of the sleeveless world.  If it's 90 degrees Fahrenheit out, your arms may be cool but the rest of you will be wishing for an icy death, as the turtleneck acts like a thick, smothering scarf around your neck!)
  • Carry a Giant Purse
    • After shedding layers you may find yourself wondering, "Where am I gunna put all these stinkin' clothes when I must, by necessity, disrobe in public?"  Enter awesomely large purse.  If you store your layers in your bag when you're not using them, when the climate inevitably turns frigid cold again, you have them close at hand to put back on.
Umbrella Garland by GFetti

Well, I sure hope that helps!  Happy Spring Dressing!  May the Weather be always in your favor ;)  And if it's not, may you always have an umbrella.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Swimsuits and Snowballs

Retro Pin Up Swimsuit by TheRedDolly
With the onset of warmer weather (or for us in Maine, slightly warmer weather) women all over the world  start dreading the coming season.  No, not summer...That's right, Swimsuit Season!  Really, in what other setting is a person expected to walk around in public wearing almost nothing?  Plus, how unfair is it that swimsuit season and ice cream season come at the same time?  Now, I wouldn't consider myself a prude, but after putting on my fair share of hibernation weight this winter, I'm going to try to put down the cupcakes and find a swimsuit that is fashionable yet modest.  While on the beach this year, I'd like to feel comfortable, covered, and CRAZY FABULOUS. Oh, and I'd also like to be sure all my body parts are all securely fastened and will not spill out in public... I think that is a reasonable request, don't you?

"Snowy Beach" by CarolynCocherane
So, even though I'm thinking of beach weather, I have at least two more months before going to the beach is even an option. March and April are always a strange time of year here in Maine, with the weather ranging from unseasonable warm days that feel like summer, to cold, overcast, and snowy days, within the same week!  Oh Manic Maine, how I love your predictable unpredictability.  :) This time of year does pose a fashion problem, though-it's always difficult to know  how to dress for the day.  If you step outside on a chilly morning in a sweater and jacket, by mid afternoon you may very well be sweating profusely inside your greenhouse of  a turtleneck, praying for a tank top to randomly appear for you to change into so you don't have to rip all your close off at the office.  Like I said, it's a strange time of year when one can be thinking about swimsuits and snowballs at the same time.

Bursting With Brilliance Notebook by KatieBlairDesigns

So, speaking of snowballs, Sweet Sincerity Jewelry's success has been SNOWBALLING like crazy and I'm not quite sure what to think of it.  All of my efforts to design, photograph, and promote Sweet Sincerity in the past are paying off NOW, without me having to work very hard to get sales.  The problem is, though, that most of the items I've been selling are the same few MADE-TO-ORDER designs.  Made-to-order designs require me to constantly make new items from scratch before I can send them out, and making the same time-consuming designs over and over again doesn't exactly satisfy my creative itch.  Also, spending so much time on Made-To-Order pieces means that I have little to no time to create new pieces. As an artist and entrepreneur (two occupations which, at times, seem mutually exclusive) this dichotomy leaves me perplexed.  WHAT TO DO? Should I keep in stock only One-Of-A-Kind items that are ready to ship ASAP or should I continue to make a lot of Made-To-Order items because I know they sell well..  In order to sort this issue out, I made the pros and cons list above.  I know, I know...ANOTHER LIST!  What can I say, I'm a list maker.  I also did a little research to see what other online sellers do, and it seems that most people offer a little of both. I found this excellent article on just this issue, where loads of artists and craftsman talk about what balance works for them.

So, after you've melted your brain by deeply contemplating this complex business problem (sorry about that) here are a few pretty things to look at.  OOOh....SHINY!!!  Enjoy some of the latest collection that Sweet Sincerity Jewelry has been included in  :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring is in the Air!

Yellow Silk Blouse by Leanimal, Bootcut Gray Pants by andwhatelseisthere, Zipper Rose Hairpin by JillsBoutique, Rutilated Quartz ring by SweetSincerity, Hammered Gold Bracelet by SweetSincerity, Kallisto Bag by milloo, Striped Cardigan by KarinaManarin, Yellow Bow Shoe Clips by No144 

          It's hard to believe that just a week ago, we were experiencing a full blown snowstorm here in frosty New England.  This week, the sun has been out, melting what little is left of our remaining snowbanks and warming the temperature to a balmy 60 degrees Fahrenheit!  Ah, the beauty of the manic Maine weather.   In order to celebrate the fact that spring is in the air-whether is remains in the air is anyone's guess-I decided to pick out a few Spring Fashion Finds to share with the great big blogosphere.  The color palette for this collection is cloudy gray and sunshiny yellow-a perfect reflection of the colors of the spring season here.  Enjoy these fabulous finds, perfectly coupled with a few Sweet Sincerity pieces!

'til next time! 

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Thrill of the Sale and the Agony of the Return

Melancholy Art Print 8.5 x 11 by SarahSlam
After a wonderfully busy and successful December through February, I regretfully find myself in the season of the dreaded RETURN + REFUND. Ah yes, after months of nonstop hard work in the studio, now my attention must be given to a less enjoyable part of running a business-dealing with THE UNIMPRESSED CUSTOMER (insert terrified shudder here).  There are all kinds of different unhappy customers:  some are laughably offensive and insulting; some are sweet, and yet unwaveringly demanding; and others would simply like nothing more than to return their item and get their money back with as little communication as possible. As any artists knows, when you pour your heart into everything you make, spending  hours trying to make a design JUST RIGHT, it can be hard not to be totally dejected when someone is less than impressed with your work. If history teaches us anything, it is that a depressed artist is not a good thing.  So if you find yourself in a similar melancholy place, horribly anticipating dealing with the next snarling, demanding customer, stop cutting off your ear and see if the following tips can help you.

How to Deal Positively with Negative Feedback:

1)  First off, after the shock and disappointment has set in that your customer is not happy with your work, I suggest taking a DEEP BREATH.  This is so that your head does not explode, as I hear tell that gray-matter is really hard to get out of carpets.  This introspective moment is also to help you pause before you contact your unhappy customer in the defensive, childish, unprofessional, and completely inappropriate way, that you really would like toDeep breath in...Deep breath out... Don't you feel better already?  Repeat as necessary.

2) BLOW OFF STEAM (if you need to).  When turning your attention to the specifics of a customer's complaints, be sure to distinguish between Constructive Criticism and unnecessary or unreasonable Insults.   If the difficult situation involves criticism of your
Blow Off Some Steam by IRONSIDE
work, feel free to try and learn what you can from this critique.  Feedback is an excellent opportunity to examine how you can make your product better.  If however, this criticism fails to be constructive and degenerates into purposely insulting accusations (as in, "you didn't do this(untrue thing)/you didn't do that (untrue thing)/you have horrible craftsmanship,etc"), make sure to "blow off some steam." Save your crazy, ticked off rantings for a special friend/spouse, because speaking to a customer without a BRAIN-MOUTH filter will probably not cause them to instantly "see the light" and realize how awesome YOU or YOUR WORK is.

Thumbs Down T-Shirt by AcrossTheBoardDesign

 3) Next, in a cool, collected, and professional way, DO ALL that you REASONABLY can to resolve the ISSUE your customer has with their order. In the Etsy blog post article entitled "Not Everyone is Your Sweet Aunt Kate" you will find fantastic suggestions on how to run your online business-what to say/do to help facilitate good communication, how to deal with a  customer that is upset with shipping delays, or how to handle a request to return a custom order.  If after applying these suggestion, you still do not have a happy customer, this quote from the aforementioned article can be helpful:

"On a rare occasion, you might find yourself in a situation with a customer that you will not be able to please no matter how hard you try.  If you find yourself  taking too much time away from working on your business or handling your other customers, it might be time to cut your losses.  While you want to do everything you can to turn them all into a Sweet Aunt Kate [the sweetest lady alive, always delighted with your latest crafty endeavor, no matter what it is], there will be times when all you can do is politely thank them for their business, apologize, and go on with your work."

Give Me A Kiss Vinyl Wall Decal by VinylWallAccents
4)  MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR.  If someone DOES end up leaving you NEGATIVE Feedback online, so that your potential future customers can see it, you still may have YET ANOTHER chance to salvage your good reputation as a shop owner.  Etsy has a great option for sellers called "Kiss and Make UP." If both buyer and seller agree to retract any negative/neutral feedback given, it is also removed from your shop's public rating.  Then, you can sleep well at night, knowing that future customers can clearly see YOUR AWESOMENESS, and not be distracted by negative comments made by disgruntled former patrons.  It's as if the nasty little kerfuffle never happened :) Hooray!

5)  If NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING works, GET SOME PERSPECTIVE.  Reading other small business blogs, or talking with other self-employed people can help you see that everyone has to deal with stressful customer situations at one time or another in their career.  I found a great blogger who wrote about what she learned from some of her difficult transactions-Check out her observations about running her indie business here.  Another helpful thing to do is to look at the feedback ratings of other successful sellers, who's work you admire.  99 times out of 100 they WILL HAVE some negative/neutral reviews, which make up a miniscule percentage of their THOUSANDS of successful sales and overjoyed customers.  The fact is, the more successful you are, the more sales you make, the more you people you deal with, and the greater the likely-hood that you may meet someone who you cannot please no matter what you do.  C'est la vie, c'est la guerre.

provided by Fabbydabbystones
6)  Finally, if you feel disheartened, discouraged, and downright dejected after dealing with unhappy customers who don't value your work as much as your Sweet Aunt Kate (who "displays or wears your latest [creation] as if it were a Picasso or the Crown Jewels"), may I suggest a tried and true formula of VACATION + RETAIL THERAPY If you need to find inspiration to continue on in your trade, taking a little time off and finding new things that inspire you can help remind you why you loved to do what you do in the first place.  Personally, when I see gorgeous, gleaming gemstones, a striking or unusual color combination, or an intricate, detailed pattern, my imagination goes swirling off in all kinds of different crazy directions, leaving negative feelings of past challenges behind.

I hope these little suggestions help!  
'til next time...

Friday, January 27, 2012

Nap Time for This Workaholic

It's hard to believe that it has been over a month since my last blog post! For better or worse, the feverish, December shopping rush has carried into January, which leaves me little time for my beloved blog.  GASP!  I know, isn't that just terrible?  I admire professional bloggers who have the time and energy to post something new and intriguing EVERYDAY.  Obviously, I have to wait MONTHS to find something worthy enough to share with anyone!  HA!  Because of of the flurry of this sustained craziness, I find myself more than a little tired.  So, the subject of today's Handmade Fashion Finds is NAP TIME. On this rainy, overcast Friday morning, I'm wishing I could just snuggle on the couch ALL DAY in my pajamas, with a thick, soft blanket and a cup of chai tea in my hands.  Enjoy the restful luxuriousness of the handmade items above, and if you MUST WORK like I must today, make sure to pour yourself some tea to comfort you while you work. :)

Print by catalyst54
However, getting to work in the studio today will be a kind of relief, because I finally have a little time to start some new designs.  Not having the time to do that is a little like CREATIVE TORTURE, because I have new design ideas running through my head all the time, 24/7!  I forget sometimes that there is only one of me, and I'll probably never have time to implement all the ideas that I think of on a daily basis.  Nevertheless, I still want to.  Even the gorgeous gems that I have purchase recently are anxious, waiting for me to make them into something spectacular.  I think they might be developing a complex, thinking that I am ignoring them. Okay, maybe IT IS time for a nap, I am attributing human qualities to rocks... 

My Bio on the Maine Jewelry & Art web page
One HUGE thing that I MUST report that happened in the past month is that I officially became a co-owner at Maine Jewelry and Art. Papers were singed, money is being exchanged, and I am officially a part owner of a gallery! It's giving me a lot of great experience running a shop which will come in handy when/if I have my own Sweet Sincerity Boutique in the future. One of the other UBER-talented co-owners of the gallery does our website, Anne Reigstad of Ymir Glass. She even made me my own BIO page! Ahhhhh!  I hate talking about myself-it's so awkward-but I managed to chuckle my way through talking about my life's achievements. (if you've already read a bio of mine feel free to skip to the end of this post-you already know anything remotely interesting about me):

Domino Pendant by taylorrain1

"My name is Bethany Coulombe, I'm currently somewhere in my 20's (a lady never tells exactly where), and I live in Bangor, Maine. By some miracle, I find myself married to a sweet, funny, little french carpenter, Matthew, who is not only a wonderful human being, but also looks amazing in a suit.

Ever since I was a child, I ALWAYS knew I wanted to be an artist. I loved drawing, painting, sculpting, and the prospect of having a job where I thought I had to wear a little french beret. Of course, I did think about going down a few other career paths as I grew up (eg. a ballerina, Stone Philips' co-anchor on the Nightly News, an architect, an art teacher, a construction worker, a medical receptionist, and a foreign language translator) before I decided on being a Jewelry Designer.

When all was said and done, my inherited artistic abilities (thanks dad!), and my general, overwhelming joie de vivre and love of sparkly things (thanks mom!) led me to comfortably settle into jewelry making. I'm not going to lie, I still secretly want to be a ballerina, but the thought of being the only student over 3 feet tall in an introductory ballet class makes me realize that the ship of opportunity has REALLY already sailed on that career path.

Vinyl Wall Decal Quote by urbanexpression
In terms of accolades from accredited institutions, I am a 2004 graduate of John Bapst Memorial High School, I graduated summa cum laude with Honors in 2007 with a Bachelors degree in Romance Languages (concentration in French and Spanish) from University of Maine Orono, and I am currently enrolled as life-long student in the School of Hard Knocks, where the tuition is high but the lessons are priceless.

I also love to blog (, to participate in community volunteer work, and shop-while attempting to control my seemingly insatiable love of pretty shoes and
overpriced handbags."  

 ~More to news to come, I'm sure...but Ciao for Now!  :)

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