Bundle Up and Snuggle In-Winter Makes it's Grand Entrance

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gloves by LaimaShop, scarf by theuniquebird, hat by niseylee, coat by JulyS, dress by ThongbaiTatong, purse by borsettabags, socks by AldysCreations, boots by Kraaiennest, leggings by sandmaiden

Over 5 Carats of Delicious, Chocolatey, Smoky Quartz
Usually, by this time of year in New England, we find ourselves buried under SEVERAL feet of sparkly, fluffy, beautiful,  FRIGID snow.  Believe it or not, until YESTERDAY we could still see the green grass in our front lawn!  WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?!?  However, I'm pretty sure that now, winter is here to stay.  Weep you poor little Sun Worshipers and say good bye to your natural tans, but rejoice you adorable Snow Bunnies, it's time for winter frolicking (does anyone else think that word looks like "frog-licking?").  Regardless of how you feel about winter (or frogs for that matter), one great thing about this change in season is that it's finally time for some CUTE, SNUGLY winter fashion.  Yes ladies, it's time to get some practical boots (insert sad face, I know), thick socks, hats, gloves, and layers of wool to survive until spring.  You know, when it finally comes...in June.  Above are just a few wonderful, handmade items that I came across in warms shades of coffee, chocolate, yellow gold, pumpkin, cream, and oatmeal that can warm your spirit on even the coldest winter day!  :) Oh yeah, and I strongly recommend drinking large quantities of hot chocolate.  I think the perfect finishing touch to this outfit is the Smoldering Sienna Stud Earrings, back in stock  in my Etsy shop !
I need a back-up pair...hahaha

Speaking of seasons-what a crazy SHOPPING season it has been this year!  I have been working my BRAINS out and my fingers OFF-filling online Etsy orders, replying to customer emails and inquiries, working extra days (and nights) at Maine Jewelry & Art, and doing jewelry repairs for customers at the shop.  I'm pretty sure I can feel the gray matter is leaking out my ears as I type this and my fingers permanently conforming to the shape of the keys on the keyboard.  I have had so many online orders this month that I actually reached and SURPASSED 200 SALES on Etsy!  Hurrah!  Thankfully, I keep reminding myself that I will be able to sleep at some point in the near future.  Just the fact that I am able to blog is a good sign that things are slowing down to a more manageable pace so I can take a few moments to sleep, eat, and get back to CREATING new pieces! 
Anne Taintor Postcard by ArtisticEphemera
Despite the crazy, insane business of the last couple of months, I still really have enjoyed myself.  And doing what you love is priceless.  When asked what I liked best about this time of year, this is what I said (ignore the parts where I sound like I'm trying to be a smarty pants parts):

"As a small business owner myself, I see, first hand, the hustle and bustle of large quantities of people coming in and out of  the shop this time of year. But, my favorite part of all of this increased activity is helping people find the PERFECT gift for someone they love. Many customers come in, timidly looking around the shop, quietly contemplating what gift their special someone would like best. Then, more often then not, after narrowing down their choices, they ask for an opinion, as if anyone could possibly know which gift would better suit the person THEY know and love. In asking for help to make this important decision, it's as if the gift comes from me too. It's like a special secret between the customer and I, as we pick out that perfect gift, hoping the recipient will be pleased with out joint selection. Yep, helping people give gifts to the people who really matter in their lives, that's my favorite part of this time of year."

Funny Thank You Letterpress Card by creativitycards

A big thank you to everyone who has supported Sweet Sincerity in the past year, while I metalsmithed, wire wrapped, hammered, and beaded myself completely LOCO!   A special THANK YOU to my beloved, adorable hubby for doing the laundry while I was feverishly doing this.  It has been a crazy/beautiful journey-thank you ALL for taking the ride with me!  2012...here we come!