"Fall"-ing Behind and Ketchup

Clockwise from Left to Right:  Ring by SweetSincerity, Scarf by LoveKnots4Baby,

     Oh hello again! I've finally found my way back to the glorious blog-o-sphere to celebrate the season that is officially upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere, with a few Fall Fashion Finds.  Honestly, I really believe the best part about Fall, besides warm apple cider and brilliant autumn foliage, has got to be THE CLOTHES!  Sweaters and sweater dresses, scarves and jackets, closed toed shoes and knee high boots, I could go on and on about what I LOVE about Fall Fashion. Of course, here in chilly New England, we like to mix our scarves and long sleeve shirts with flip flops, in order to hang onto every ounce of above freezing weather that we have!  :)  Yes, the native Maine fashionista is a strange and rare bird with odd grooming habits influenced, in part, by the harsh climate of her natural environment.  LOL

LAPTOP Weapon of Choice Keychain by riskybeads
    So, I know that it seems like EVERY TIME I blog, I just HAVE to write about how long it's been since my last blog post.  It seems silly to keep repeating my self, but it's ALWAYS true.  So for good measure, let me just add, "OH MY WORD, IT'S BEEN SO LONG SINCE I BLOGGED!"  Okay.  Now I feel better.  Hopefully none of you remember when I optimistically forecasted that I would be blogging at least two times per week.   Yeah, that so didn't happen.  I've tried to analyze why I have become such an infrequent blogger, even though I absolutely adore it.

I have come up with the following reasons/excuses:

   1. I find that my husband is just too cute to ignore.
   2. I've finally come to grips with the fact that my house will never clean itself.
   3. I am constantly re-writing, re-editing, re-doing any given blog post to make sure I didn't say anything too ridiculous.
   4. I have not yet joined Procrastinators Anonymous.  Maybe tomorrow...
   5. Most of the time, I simply do not find myself that entertaining, why would you?! :)
   6. After a year of sitting in front of my computer for long periods of time, I find it almost impossible to sit and focus for more than an hour with out some SERIOUS FIDGETING!!!

ANYWAY...here are some highlights of the last 3 weeks or so since the LAST TIME I remembered that I have a blog:

  • The Provoking Muse Cuff got featured on a New England Made BLOG!!!  :)  New Duds picked the Provoking Muse Cuff as one of their favorite things from Maine crafters-What an honor!  :)
Click here to check out the blog post I was in!
  • Sweet Sincerity Jewelry was part of an Etsy Maine Team treasury list that got to the front page of Etsy...  This can be amazing exposure for an Etsy shop resulting in a lot of sales.  So that was pretty exciting...Except, our Earthy Glamor Necklace  was one of the alternate choices in the bottom row of the collection that may/may not have actually appeared on the Front Page of Etsy.  So close, and yet so far!!!!  Regardless, here is the beautiful collection that a fellow Mainer put together.

  • Alee, I, and Sweet Sincerity were featured on a photography blog!  My neighbor, Ashley Erin, is a fantastic photographer.  She has a really interesting project going on right now-she's going to do 365 portraits in 365 days, chronicling all of her work on her blog.  She asked us to do a shoot with her, and we were THRILLED to be a part of her project!  If I had a billion dollars I would hire HER to take pictures of my jewelry, instead of trying to take them myself with a cheap camera!  P.S. I just noticed that Alee and I are wearing the same colors in these photos.  This was TOTALLY unplanned.  So much for my theory that I was adopted...hahaha.  Thanks so much Ashley for these great photos!

  • And lastly....The Sweet Sincerity Facebook Page reached OVER 150 "likes", and to celebrate we're doing another GIVE-A-WAY for the ever so popular Flight of Fantasy Peacock Earrings.

Enter here for a chance to win!!:   http://www.facebook.com/?ref=hp#%21/permalink.php?story_fbid=154780211284479&id=189451207741944

All things considered it was a pretty good few weeks, minus the utter lack of blog-age...'Til next time! :)