Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm a Lover, not a Writer

Lazy Summer fine art photo by ReflectedLight

 SIGH!!!  It has officially been three weeks TO THE DAY since I have blogged.  Oh I remember-I have a blog!  How easily I forget.  With the onset of warm, summery weather here in normally frigid New England, I seem to have lost almost EVERY OUNCE of my once fierce work ethic.  Summer was made for sitting in the sun on the patio, drinking ice tea and lemonade, while listening to the sound of laughing children, don't you think? A simple whiff of whatever happens to be cooking on the grill makes my mouth water, my stomach grumble, and any thoughts of hard work fade quickly away.  It sure doesn't help for our anniversary my husband finished the stone patio in our back yard, which is now the perfect place for day dreaming, barbecuing, and sun bathing! See what I mean?
SUMMER FUN:  First Family Dinner on Our New Patio!!!
In someways this lazy summer pace is a good thing, because my inventory isn't diminishing too quickly.  "WHY ON EARTH could that be a good thing?" you may be asking.  Because starting the third week in July, I will be doing another craft fair, and this time it's LOCAL!  Here are some details:

Bangor Outdoor Market

"The Outdoor Market features 38 vendors selling Maine-made fine arts, select crafts, specialty food items and produce. All items are handmade, prepared or raised by the vendor.   Items available include; art, baked goods, cheese, clothing, food, furniture, handbags, jewelry, photography, pet products, toys and much more. The market is located in West Market Square and along Broad Street/Merchants Plaza on Thursdays June 9th-August 11th from 5:00 PM- 8:00 PM." -

So if you are in Bangor, Maine on a Thursday night in mid-July through August, come and stop by and find our little booth.  I'm really excited to be included among the vendors who are part of this years Downtown Bangor Outdoor Market!  There is a FREE concert series going on during the same time the market will be held, so it's sure to be a good time had by all! :)  Here is a list of the upcoming bands that will be playing:

The Blue Ukelele by SussanahTucker
Remaining 2011 Cool Sounds lineup includes:
 June 16th-Rog & Ray (Caribbean, latin and island style)
June 23rd-The Scharff Brothers (Alternative, pop, rock-n-roll)
June 30th-Sam and Yuri (Folk-rock fusion)
July 7th-Evergreen (Bluegrass, folk, blues, old‐time, country and swing)
July 14th-Kayla Wass Band (Country)
July 21st-Teen Jam
July 28th-RetroRockerz (Good‐time music of the 50's, 60's, and 70's)
August 4th-FLASH! In the Pans (Steel drum- mix of traditional calypso, pop, swing, blues, and classical)
August 11th-The BArSTuARDS (Rock/Folk with Celtic influence)

I just sounds smart...LOL
 My lack of motivation for creating new things has  allowed me become a more consistent reader/commenter on the Etsy blog, which lead to a quote from me being feature on the blog homepage!  So that's a good thing, right?  That exposure helped me get a lot more people noticing my shop.  That's right!!  Spread the word!  I even figured out (thanks to my techno savvy friend Jaclyn) how to take a screen shot of my little 15 seconds of fame so I can cherish this fleeting moment FOREVERS!  LOL.

Just because I haven't been super motivated doesn't mean everyone's been a slacker!  Check out these beautiful treasuries that other talented artisans put together, including Sweet Sincerity Jewelry!  Hopefully you will hear from me again soon!









  1. Gorgeous blog!! I love seeing your family, you all look so nice!!

    All the best,

  2. Dinner with family was great! Matthew is a good cook! Your patio is so nice! Great job Matthew! I love your lazy day summer ideas of reading!

  3. Nice to know you and your family, Bethany :)
    Thank you for featuring my treasury list in your blog! Which is great, by the way! :)

  4. Marietta, I'd like to think that we are all pretty nice! ha ha ha

  5. Mum, did I mention it's super cute tht you comment on my blog? XOXOXO

  6. Marina, It was my pleasure to add your treasury here! Thanks for picking Sweet Sincerity Jewelry to be a part of your fabulous collection!

    p.s. I'm glad you like the blog! :)

  7. thanks for including my treasury!

  8. my pleasure nidhi-thanks for making a treasury that included my jewelry!!!!!

  9. Thank you Bethany for including my photo here in your wonderful blog!

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