Boutique Dreams

Black Ornate Cork Board by shugabeelane
Zesty Apple Green Mannequin by CorsetLacedMannequin
Hollywood Regency Wedding Chalkboard by RevivedVintage

So, here it is...The cold hard truth.  I am, in fact, a touchy feely, HGTV show watching, baby-loving, matchy matchy, cumpulsive NESTER.  That's right, you heard me-a put down roots, pick out curtains, make a house a home, NESTER.  Sometimes I dream about being the kind of person I thought I would be in my mid to late 20' know the ultra focused, motivated, business minded career woman, with no roots in any particular area, but for sure going somewhere AWESOME, and FAST.  However, in my journey of self-discovery I have realized that I AM NOT that type of person at all!  I'm like the exact opposite of that!  I know...Crazy right?! 

Why am I sharing this interesting, yet irrelevant (and extremely personal) moment of self discovery with you  (i.e. making you read all this long-winded introspective when all you wanted to read about was some pretty jewelry)?  Well, because that leads me into the topic of this blog post, my dreams of one day soon opening a SWEET SINCERITY BOUTIQUE.  Turns out that this hard core, determined jet setter just wants to settle down and open up a chic boutique.  Who woulda thunk?  

Simply Chandelier Vinyl Wall Decal by urbanwalls
Pink Orchid Refinished Wood Chair by trinaroseboutique
So in line with that dream, I have been planning, calculating, and praying that I can find SOME WAY to make this a possibility.  So far, I've gotten in contact with (but have yet to finish all the tedious paperwork for) a local small business development center that helps with business planning and financing.  Apparently, going from a small, successful home business to a brick-and-mortar, REAL DEAL, store front BOUTIQUE requires some serious cash.  Therefore, I am setting up the "Start a Sweet Sincerity Boutique Fund," starting NOW!  I even added a "donate" button to the right margin of this blog so that you too can donate to this worthy cause if you are so moved!  Ahhhh!  I know!  That's so...COMMERCIAL of me!!!  GASP!  Although I hate money with a passion, every now and then I DO have to come down off my idealistic cloud of obliviousness and realize that money is necessary to make dreams a reality.  A fact which, as you already know, I deeply resent!  LOL! :)
Sweet Sincerity Jewelry's Display at THE BIG THAW, Portland, Maine
So, enjoy the great decorative boutique finds that I have sprinkled throughout this post-All these picks are based on the color palette and layout of my BIG THAW craft fair display in April!  Perhaps in the coming months, I'll be posting pictures of my real boutique!  Wouldn't that be AMAZING!  We'll see what the future brings, as I get closer and closer to making this dream a reality...  TO BE CONTINUED!!!

In the meantime, here are a few treasury collections that Sweet Sincerity Jewelry has been included in!  Enjoy the hard work of other worthy artists!