Photos Shoots and Fashion Finds

shirt by larimeloom, skirt by aloha2summerring by sweetsincerity
sandals by feesk, bag by ikabags, bolero by yasemine67
   So, the other day, as I was trying to promote this blog by listing it in a blog directory, I found myself faced with an EXTREMELY perplexing decision.  Should my blog be categorized as a shopping, a business, or a comedy blog?  I really couldn't decide where all of my crazy rantings should be filed away, as if there is a simple word to describe all my insanity!  After far too much thought on the subject, I ended up characterizing my blog as a FASHION blog because I figured that jewelry is part of fashion, right?  Yeah, I'm not sure that I picked the right label either!!!  However, in an effort not to lose anymore sleep or waste anymore brain power on the subject, I think I'll just go with it.  I really do LOVE fashion, and to be perfectly honest, I am CONSTANTLY shopping on Etsy for my own selfish purposes, finding insanely awesome clothing and accessories all the time.  It's not a stretch AT ALL to talk a little more about fashion-y things every now and then on this blog.  :)   So, to that end, I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to share some of my excellent ETSY FASHION FINDS, paired with some of our very own Sweet Sincerity Jewelry.  These gorgeous, flowy choices can be worn from spring to summer!  LET THE SUN SHINE AND THE TEMPERATURE RISE!  All these wonderful picks highlight one of Sweet Sincerity's new rings the Elemental Ring, in sterling silver and green turquoise!

Click to play this Smilebox slideshowSpeaking of fashion, the other day, Sweet Sincerity visited a local park for a PHOTO SHOOT!  It was a beautiful, sunny, spring day-perfect for picture taking!  Initially, I was hoping that we could do a behind-the-scenes-of-the-photo-shoot video to post this on this blog, but a SERIOUS of technical difficulties, I had to can that idea.  So, instead, we have a fun little slide show set to some silly music.  I think it does the trick! :)  What you can't see in this photo shoot is Baby Kahlyn sleeping in her stroller ,as we all scurry to get things done, hoping she doesn't wake up cranky!  Funny how our photo shoots are postponed for feedings and diaper changes.  For the baby...not us, of course. :)  LOL!  Enjoy the slide show, and watch for new pictures and new items in our ETSY SHOP!

Now, you can enjoy some more fashion finds from OTHER Etsy sellers who have included Sweet Sincerity Jewelry in their fab treasury collections!Oh, and as a closing note-I figured out how to change the settings on this blog so that ANYONE can EASILY comment!  So FEEL FREE!!!! :)  More semi-interesting writing about lovely jewelry stuff LATER! :)