I Hate Money...

Reversible Slacker or Go-Getter cup cozy by sewtara
I think the first thing I need to state to start this blog post off right is:

            -I AM!!!!!" 

Okay, now that that's out of the way, I feel I can move on... Seriously, I've been writing (and not publishing, mind you) this blog post for like TWO WEEKS NOW!  LOOSER!!!!!  I just read an article called (no joke)  "Three Ways to Make Blogging Suck Less", and in it, it said that blogging should feel like play time, not work time.  While I totally agree with this statement, I don't think this takes into account the REALLY boring things that one must do in order to not embarrass one's self publicly while blogging (i.e. spell checking and spell checking AGAIN, self editing and taking out those jokes that REALLY AREN'T FUNNY, giving a second thought as to whether or not that humiliating picture should go on the blog or not...you see what I mean).  Regardless, I love to blog even more than I love to procrastinate, so I will BLOG ON! Eventually...
Doesn't my niece Kahlyn look hilarious in this customized 100$ bill?
Funny money 100 dollar novelty gag gift by dson162
also, check out this great seller's website for blank shipping labels

That brings me to the main topic for this blog post, my UTTER DISDAIN for money.  It's really more of a LOVE/HATE relationship really, having money is somewhat pleasant, but having to have money is just tedious.  Having money (for at least longer than a week or so) requires all sorts of skills like record keeping, organization, and self restraint...none of which I am particularly good at. I suppose the difference between a successful artist and just a dreamer is pushing oneself to attend to all the mundane (i.e. insanely boring) things that must be done to keep one's business running smoothly.  As I'm sure you can tell by now, I HATE the need for practicality with a passion.  I would wear really cute sandals all winter long if I could be 100% sure that  I wouldn't loose a few toes from frost bite (seriously...seven toes in strappy sandals? not cute.)  The unrealistic idealist in me wishes I could just make and sell art for free and barter for food and lodging. Unfortunately, last time I checked the grocery store does not take gemstones and precious metal jewelry in exchange for bananas...  There's nothing like the inconvenience of having to eat to say alive to give the silly dreamer in me a cold hard smack of reality! LOL :)

Money Compact Reclaimed by ecoblingcouture

Why do I bring any of this nonsensical blabbing up in the first place?  Well, as I have already expressed my love for blogging, you will understand my distress when my adorable little husband reminds me that the hours I spend on my blog are UNPAID hours.  True, I don't get paid for putting out all this ridiculousness into the world, but I read somewhere that Etsy shops that have blogs get 55% more visitors than shops that do not.  Still, I have been wondering about the practicality of monetizing my blog by allowing google adds to pop up here and there.  After much thinking on the matter, I cannot do it.  There goes the idealist in me again, "No don't give me your money, I want my blog to be cute!"  That's so like me-always going for style over practicality.  Don't be surprised if next winter I am missing a few toes (although hopefully I will give more than a second thought to posting pictures of my frostbitten feet on this blog...)  However, I have decided that in the future, if other sellers wold like to advertise on my blog for a weekly/monthly fee, I would definitely consider it.  More details to come on that later!

In the meantime, here's some new treasuries that Sweet Sincerity Jewelry has had the pleasure of being chosen to be a part of!  Enjoy :)