Sweet Sincerity Jewlery is Getting Better All the Time!

Just the Way I Like it Earrings, Lady Lilac Earrings, Simply in Love Necklace
There are a lot of exciting changes going on at Sweet Sincerity Jewelry this week.  The first (and most exciting in my opinion) is the fact that my sister, Alexandria has joined the Sweet Sincerity design team.  She just started modeling my jewelry, which was an amazing help (as I've said before, it's nice not to have to try to take ridiculous pictures of myself in front of my shower curtain).  In addition to offering up her modeling talents, now she has started making jewelry for Sweet Sincerity too!  How exciting is that?!  Yesterday, I listed her FIRST set of earrings in My Etsy Shop and they sold within HOURS!  I am so proud of her!  I love having another contributor to Sweet Sincerity.  My sister and I have different tastes, but that's a good thing because I think it is important to cater to a variety of styles.  She's helping me get more ideas and different perspectives!  Not to mention that it is much easier to build up an inventory when two people are making things!

In other news, I am in the process of redoing all of my product photos!  By a total fluke, I decided to use my husbands new ottoman as a place to take pictures of my sisters jewelry the other day.  These pictures turned out to be PHENOMENAL!  I can't believe it-my husband just bought this nice black ottoman, placed it by one of the large windows in our house, and now I have the perfect place to take pictures of my jewelry in natural light with my new wonderful camera! :)  Oh, life is good!  Look at the difference of my old and new photos!  Now my jewelry can look as great online as it does in person!

Wool Dryer Balls by Pixieval

In exciting BLOGGING news, two other Etsy sellers have asked me to write a review of their products on this blog!  I am so honored that they would want ME to review their products!  I do so love to blog, as well as promote great products for other people, so this will be a lot of fun!  Oh, and did I mention that they are going to give me their products for FREE?  That is a pretty SWEET deal,  if I do say so myself!  Look for my reviews in coming blog posts, maybe you will find a great product here that you could use too!  I am excited about trying the product in the picture to the left, they are woolen dryer balls that decrease the drying time of your laundry, thus saving you time and money!  Mateo is going to love that!!!!

14K Gold Casting Grain from riogrande.com
I am also making more progress on my Million Dollar Earrings.  I finally broke down and ordered the solid 14K gold I need to make them!!!  AAAAH! I am nervous and excited to start using it, GOLD IS SO EXPENSIVE!  It will be a big leap forward in my jewelry making skills if I can get a handle of how to use gold.   I can't wait for my order to arrive so I can FINALLY finish my earrings.  Of course, like a genius, I forgot to order gold solder with my order.  BRILLIANT...I know.  So, even if I do get my gold today, I won't be able to finish my earrings right away.  However, I will be able to have the design almost done, because there is only a small section that I will need to solder on them.  Oh well, the saga of the Million Dollar Earrings continues...

Speaking of expensive gold, I've gotten quite a few custom orders from friends and family lately.  One of those orders is for a pair of 14K gold chandelier earrings with garnets!  Don't those sound gorgeous! Other custom orders that I have in the works are:  a sterling silver and turquoise bib necklace, a turquoise and black onyx necklace, a custom jewelry box, several pairs of custom earrings, and a few more that I am sure I am forgetting about!  I'll have to go check my handy dandy list...  I really like doing custom orders, I've done quite a lot in the past.  I find it really fulfilling to give people exactly what they want, with a little Sweet Sincerity twist of course!  Feel free to request a custom item! :)

Items that are going to be AUCTIONED OFF!
Another exciting event is that some Sweet Sincerity Jewelry is going to part of an auction as part of a fund-raiser for a local school here in Bangor, Maine !  I can't wait to drop off the items I've donated!  And I really can't wait to see how much my items are auctioned off for!  I was so excited when someone contacted me from the school, this is my first auction that I've ever been a part of!  I wonder if I can attend and watch the bidding!?!  That would be CRAZY fun!

Lastly for today, here are a few more GORGEOUS Treasury Collections that I had the privilege of being picked to be a part of this week.  ENJOY!!!! :)