Sweet Sincerity Jewlery on THE RED CARPET!!!!

It seems TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, but it's ISN'T!  Sweet Sincerity Jewelry was worn ON THE RED CARPET at the GRAMMYS this year!  I just received a wonderful email from one of my customers and fellow Etsy sellers, FlirtySanchezProject.  She emailed me the Youtube link above, in which she is ON THE RED CARPET at the GRAMMYS, WEARING my Downtown Glam earrings.  This is what her email said "At about 57 seconds into this video I come into the picture (on the red carpet in the back by the big security guys, black suit, long red hair with white flowers in it).  I'm wearing your earrings about a foot away from Lady Gaga in her egg. Thought you'd like to know! :)"  I am so glad that she emailed me this HUGE NEWS!   I was so excited when I got this that I shared it on My Business Facebook Page and also my personal page, and got a ton of excited responses from friends and fans!  If you pause the video at about 1:01 there is a great shot of the earrings reflecting the light, next to the bald man in the striped tie, at the left end of Lady Gaga's egg carrier.  Just look for my  large, circular, hammered aluminum Downtown Glam earrings!  This clip has absolutely MADE MY DAY, WEEK, and possibly YEAR! :)

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In other NEW and EXCITING NEWS, my new genius idea for motivating myself to fill my shop with new items,  keeping up the momentum and excitement of Sweet Sincerity Jewelry, is my GRAND ITEM OF THE DAY IDEA.  Okay, it's not REALLY that grand nor genius, but this goal has helped me make and list many more NEW items in MY ETSY SHOP this week!  Basically the idea is that ONE NEW ITEM per day is listed and MARKED DOWN 25% for the next 24 hours ONLY! It's a good deal for everyone!!!  I love excitement...and discounts...and making stuff...selling stuff...It's a WIN-WIN I think! :) Check out what I posted just this week!

On Tuesday this week, I got to go to my wonderful METAL-SMITHING class again.  This class was especially fun because I got to share my metalsmithing time with another local Bangor jewelry designer, of  Dorkarama Jewelry.  Be sure to check out his amazing jewelry!  He has a beautiful Artfire shop! That day I continued working on my ambitious Design Challenge Earrings.  Now that I have decided to use 14K solid gold wire as part of my design, instead of other metal like brass or gold fill wire, I've decided to call these my "MILLION DOLLAR"  earrings.  In the end, they are going to be a combination of gorgeous Citrine stones, brilliant oxidized sterling silver embellishments, and luxurious, textured 14K gold.  I still need to get on ordering the gold for the earrings, but I am so nervous!  Gold is REALLY expensive.  I've just got to MAN-UP (or WOMAN-UP in this case) and BUY IT!!!

Miraculously, I have been able to accomplish all of this NOT SO HARD WORK while babysitting my niece a lot this week, which I absolutely LOVE!  I'm more than a little baby crazy for my adorable niece, as I am sure you can tell...I even think that Baby Kahlyn is cute when she pukes on me!  It's pretty ridiculous..  Here are some more adorable baby pictures-my favorites are of my hubby, Uncle Mateo taking care of the baby...He's a really good uncle!  He thinks she is the cutest baby EVER!!!  Apparently she actually looks a lot like me when I was a baby, POOR KID!
Love Equation by 4four on Etsy

ANYWAY, after considering some suggestions from my legitimately SMARTYPANTS father, and coming up some of my own new BUSINESS tactics, I think I have finally figured out a new BUSINESS FORMULA FOR SUCCESS for Sweet Sincerity Jewelry:

+ 1 NEW ITEM LISTED PER DAY (with a large array of price ranges)
+ Lots of Social Networking on FACEBOOK and Etsy

Of course, here I am, on Saturday morning, doing my first blog post of the week!  Goals are guidelines really, right?!  LOL.  Before, when I was feeling more than an ounce of motivation, I managed to keep up this less than fatiguing blogging schedule just fine.  So now, throwing in the ITEM OF THE DAY plan has thrown me just a bit, but I hope to regain momentum and keep up this schedule.  You know us creative types...not always the organizeD kind! LOL!!! :)  Nevertheless, I still like having a plan! :)

Finally... check out some wonderful new treasury collections that my jewelry has had the honor of being part of!