THE RESULTS ARE IN...My Sister is Gorgeous!

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The results of my latest blog poll are in!  The poll question, which so many of you already know who voted, was "What kind of jewelry do you wear most?"  The reason why I asked this question is because I am looking to bulk up my inventory with things that people want to BUY, OF COURSE!!!!  And the winner is.......drum roll please.... EARRINGS!!!!  36% off all of you FANTASTIC people out there who voted chose earrings as the piece of jewelry that you wear most!!!  I have to say that earrings would be my choice too!  Thanks for your participation in this poll, I love feedback!  Now, look for more earrings in my shop, because I will definitely be making and listing more of them!  To be fair, the votes were all across the board, Necklaces came in second with 31% of the vote (which is great because I make a ridiculous amount of necklaces), Rings were thirds with 22% of the vote, Bracelets were fourth with 9% of the vote, and "Other" came in last with 0% of the vote...  I was hoping that the majority of voters would not say that they wore their nipple rings the most, but you never know...  I put the "OTHER" option there just in case! :)

So, the biggest change to Sweet Sincerity Jewelry is that I no longer have to take goofy pictures of myself making ridiculous faces in my bathroom.  I have, by some miracle, been able to convince an actual PERSON to model my jewelry for me!  It's pretty stinking exciting!  Better yet, it's my very own GORGEOUS sister!!!  Alexandria Leigh.  It's hard to believe that she just had a baby 2 months ago...she looks GREAT.  But if I have to hear one more time how FAT she thinks she is right now...I might have to hurt her! LOL  I was definitely the size she is now in high school, and I was NOT PREGNANT!!!!  So, feel free to check out my new pictures with her in them, ooooh and aaaaah were appropriate, and leave kind comments about how skinny she looks! LOL

 Did I mention that I love comments on my blog posts?  I think that is an important subject that merits discussion.   I LOVE COMMENTS!  So, I guess that's really all there is to say.  It's not really a discussion so much as it is a statement.  It's so nice to hear that people actually ENJOY reading this blog, because for a while I was pretty sure my mother was the only one who thought it was truly inspired!  LOL  As of late, I've also been really trying to respond to every comment left to make my blog more interactive.  So, just as a little reminder, I added a few HUGE BLINKING SIGN!!!!  You know, just in case you forgot how I feel about comments... :)

So, I spent most of my working time today tweaking my Sweet Sincerity Facebook page...  I have been informed that I am, in fact, a Facebook Retard.  Anyone who is offended by that term, I am so sorry, I am simply relaying the consensus of my peers.  So today, I spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME revamping my personal profile, my business page, and adding a Facebook like button to this blog too!  Please feel free to offer helpful suggestions, like my page, friend me on Facebook, or mock me for my complete and utter lack of Internet savvy. :)  I will accept any and all of the aforementioned options.  I ask my sister for help ALL THE TIME, because she Facebooks like a ROCKSTAR! :)
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In other, insanely exciting news, next week in my METALSMITHING CLASS, I maybe leaning how to make dichroic glass like I used in my Purple Perfection Ring!!!  I am so excited!  I love the way dichroic glass looks, as evidence by my use of it in my new designs last week, and I can't wait to learn a new jewelry making technique! AHHHH!  So excited!  Is learning the art of molding jewelry from PMC (precious metal clay) is my future too? Stay tuned and you'll find out when I do!!!  Man, sometimes I love my life.  The three hours I spend each week in metalsmithing class is one of those times.  :)  I guess that means I'm pursuing the right career path! LOL is another wonderful collection that my work has been was featured in.