It Was the Best of Classes, It Was the Worst of Classes...

It's been a couple days since my AMAZING metalsmithing class on Monday, so by now I can happily block most of the traumatic mishaps that were a result of my utter gracelessness OUT of my fading memory...However, just to give you a good laugh, let me share of some of the RIDICULOUS things I did during class this week... I messed up my bezel settings and had to start over AT LEAST three times, I manage to sit on the space heater again (i really have no idea how that happens...), I spilled over 5 years worth of TINY, TINY soldering clippings onto the floor (and subsequently tried to pick them all up WITHOUT MUCH SUCCESS-sorry Amanda), and managed to somehow accidentally solder a bezel setting to my pick!!!  Yeah... sometimes everything just goes so well...other times, NOT SO MUCH!!!  Of course, everything worked out for the best-I had LOADS of fun AND I somehow miraculously avoided permanent physical harm while around flames and sharp pointy objects!

It's amazing how different the glass looks after being in the kiln
So even though i could hardly get out of my own way on Monday, I learned SO MUCH and had a great time doing it. We covered dichroic glass making (FUN!!!), AND I got a great start on some CITRINE earrings that are a part of a DESIGN CHALLENGE given to me by my instructor.  I am sure at this juncture, if you have been following my blog at all, you feel:

A) UBER jealous of my amazing METALSMITHING class
B) Really, REALLY sick of hearing about my METALSMITHING class
C) AMAZED at my level of unbridled ENTHUSIASM about my METALSMITHING class

Now, for more unbridled enthusiasm, (I've been told I am an
"excitable girl"-hope that's a good thing!?) let me tell you about the AMAZING new set of earrings for the DESIGN CHALLENGE I'm working on!  I am going to use 14K gold, Citrine cabochons, sterling silver bezel settings, hammered gold swirls, and MORE!!! The challenge is, I must:
  • Use all three of the different types of soldering techniques I've learned in class (chip soldering, pick soldering, and sweat soldering- are you proud I remembered Amanda?)
  • Include an element that has some sort of motion
  • Use two different types of metal in the design
  • AND include an element with texture
Yeah, my instructor doesn't mess around!!! LOL  It is such a great challenge, and I was excited to come up with something that would fulfill all those requirements.  I have to say, the design I came up with is pretty surprised even me.  You can see the rough sketch of the design I came up with, along with a few elements that I have started making already.  DID I MENTION EACH EARRING HAS TWO BEZEL SET CITRINE?  Gasp.  I'm going to use 14K gold for the first time in my design.  NERVOUS!  My instructor said that my design is very AMBITIOUS...Yeah, that's pretty much how I roll. LOL!

See More Pictures and Designs on My Facebook Business Page
 I just think I have to say at this point, that I am SO DONE with being sick this winter!  Apparently, I have become a petri dish for every weird and ridiculous flu/cold various that has EVER been know to mankind in the past few months  However, on the upside, I was able to stay in this weekend and get A LOT of new designs ready to be listed!  Oh, and NO WORRIES, I clean and sanitize all my pieces before I send them out for others to won't catch the plague from me if you buy something!!! I'm excited because I came up with some exciting designs that I really like.  My sister is coming over today to model them so I can get them up and listed in my Etsy shop.  HOOORAY!  Whatchya think?

 Paper flower stickers by Shanna Tice, vendor at The BIG THAW.
So, I had a bunch of other things that I wanted to talk about in this blog post (to shake it up a bit and NOT talk about METALSMITHING THE WHOLE TIME), like the fact that I need to be getting ready for my first EVER craft fair in APRIL in PORTLAND, Maine!  It's called THE BIG THAW.  I am trying to come up with ideas for what to wear, how to display my jewelry, and what to make that would sell well at a craft fair.  I've come up with some pretty ridiculous ideas, so stay tuned for my next blog post!!!  It's sure to inspire some funny mental images and loads of giggles.

Also, I wanted to share with you a really cool shop that I ran across on Etsy, brownidgurl85.  She makes"bib or collar necklaces, chokers, brooches, or other creation" from "many different textures and materials."PLUS, she does custom work!  Her creations are really pretty, and VERY affordable!  If you love a good deal as much as I do, check out her shop!  You can find her on Facebook too, or even read her BLOG!  Here is a little sample of the beautiful things she creates and sells...Pretty, right!?

Finally, as it is my custom, here are a few BEAUTIFUL treasury collections that my work has had the privilege of being part of!  CIAO FOR NOW! :)


  1. I like your sketchy
    Wish you many great ideas!!!
    Greetings from RED team ;-)

  2. Thanks so much gb!!! :) I hope the earrings come out even BETTER than the sketch!!!! :)

  3. Great treasuries! And thanks so much for talking about the Big Thaw, Talking it up on blogs is going to be a big help! Thanks again!

  4. Thanks so much Shanna! No problem... I am going to talk about THE BIG THAW quite a bit in the blog, as it is my very first CRAFT FAIR!!! :) More updates to come for sure! :)

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  6. ok either blogger or my computer is being goofy and totally messing up my comment! Good luck at your first show! I hope you do well! If you want a cheap place to get nice displays check out That's where I got all my copper displays for uber cheap that I use for my jewelry shows. Love your new stuff, keep it up!

  7. :) Awesome blog post! I really enjoyed reading it! Glad you posted it on the Maine Team chat thread! Can't wait for THE BIG THAW! :) :) :

  8. Thanks so much for the info hkeverson!!! I've been shopping around for craft fair displays, but I haven't found anything that is really that affordable! I hope I do well at my first show too! :

  9. Winter Solstice! A fellow Maine teamer! Thank you so much for reading my blog AND commenting on it! I am ALSO SO excited about THE BIG THAW! It'll be great to meet the faces in front of the computer screens! :)


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