The Business Card Masacre and Other Thrilling Tales

I am quite grieved to relate that I had my first business card related tragedy today!  While folding the laundry (something I have shamefully put off for FAR TOO LONG) I uncovered small shreds of greenish paper in various shapes and sizes... Yes, you guess it, sadly, I indeed left some of my beautiful business cards in my pants pocket, which went through the washer and dryer, and thus came to their untimely end.  Now that I think about it, I guess this really isn't my first business card related tragedy after all...  I can't believe how quickly I have forgotten about one of my very first business learning experiences, let me share some wisdom with you: ALWAYS USE SPELLCHECK before PRINTING OFF 500 BUSINESS CARDS.  Yeah... My first 500 business cards said, "Sweet Sincerity, Creatively SPOHISTICATED Handmade Jewelry."  I was trying to figure out how I could coin a new phrase and pretend like I'm one of those cool people who makes up new slang words, like "chilax" and "gianormous."  I finally just had to accept that, not only could I NEVER get away with that, it's just a ridiculous idea! :) LOL

Now, let me bore you with more talk about the thing I have been unable to stop talking about in the last weeks...MY METALSMITHING CLASS!  Did I mention that I love it?  Probably about a million times, right? LOL.  Today, I was really on my game, unlike last week when I was so woozy from my COLD/FLU thing that I really shouldn't have been near sharp implements.  I actually finished a pair of bezel set dichroic glass post earrings, AND a bezel set dichroic glass ring (as seen in picture above)!  I was so very proud of myself!  The best part is that the earrings have a slight imperfection on them (being my first completed bezel sets and all) so I can happily keep them for myself without the slightest bit of guilt!!!!  HOORAY! :)  LOL  I will be listing the ring however, cuz it's just too cool for school and very beautiful.

Besides metalsmithing class, I have been so busy doing custom orders for family and friends, that I have little time to add anything new items to my shop.  Check out some of these amazing things I've had the privilege  of making for other people!  Some are new designs, and others are slightly tweaked versions of past designs.  I really enjoy being able to do this for my friends and family, but I have a bad habit of trying to give all my pieces away because I feel terrible about charging my love ones money...  Somewhere, my husband is shaking his head with bewildered wonderment... :)

Finally, check out this beautiful collections of items that one of my items was featured in recently.  I love this treasury so much!  I do however feel a little weird that my blue eyes are staring creepily out at me from my own computer screen!