Store Fronts, Bagels, Presents, and Broken Plates (not necessarily in that order)

So this morning in between being sick, useless bumps on a log and running errands, the hubby and I went out for a truly scrumptious brunch. We went downtown to a Bangor Area favorite, Bagel Central.  I got the bright idea that I would put a feature in my blog about going there... Which was hilarious because I went around the store snapping photos and making the staff nervous!  They didn't know what to think of me!  They probably just assumed I was a tourist!  It was so much fun!  The food there is AMAZING-their bagels are to DIE FOR and everything else is JUST AS GOOD! I think it's because they don't use preservatives in their food.  I got an herb bagel with green olive cream cheese, and Mateo custom ordered a big breakfast sandwich on a bagel with eggs, cheese, and other yummy things. My mouth is watering just remembering!  This fantastic breakfast spot has great ambiance too-it has an open, airy, city cafe feel to it, which is hard to find this far north of Portland.  If you are ever in the Bangor, Maine area, it's worth a stop in, your taste buds will thank you :) 

After we finished brunch, Mateo and I took a little walk to go see my necklace displayed in the front window of one of my favorite downtown stores!  We went in, shopped a bit, and chatted with the owner.  I  have just a few items in this shop, but it's the very first shop to carry my jewelry, so I feel special every time I go buy the store front.  I'm going to tell you more about this spectacular shop later, so I won't spill too many details right now...  Look at my cute little necklace tucked away in this window display!  I had to capture it on film as proof that I actually have something in some one's front window!  Find this necklace listed here:

Speaking of shopping, look what I bought last night for my month old niece Kahlyn!  Isn't this monkey adorable ?  It's from an Etsy shop called auntyanndesigns.  I thought that was an appropriate shop to buy from because I am Aunty Benny! :)  The monkey matches the colors of the Kahlyn's nursery!  I'm so excited to send it to her.  This adorable sock monkey comes with it's own customized adoption papers, how cute is that...I mean really.  I'm really going to have to try hard not to spoil Kahlyn too much-there are just too many cute baby things to buy!  See the listing in auntyann's Etsy shop here:

AND look what I bought today!!!!! THREE SETS OF MOSAIC TILES! You have no idea how excited I am about this find!  For a while I've really wanted to make jewelry boxes with a mosaic tile cover, but I thought to myself, "where on earth would I find brightly colored irregularly shaped tiles?"  Then suddenly, I came across this Etsy shop, judysnow, which specializes in "Quality Hand-Cut Mosaic Tiles."  Her tiles are made from "older and vintage china" plates, cups, etc. Look at what I got!  I even traded her a necklace to get one set! :)  Did you ever imagine that broken plates could be a good thing? :)  I sure didn't...  This shop also carries a beautiful assortment of handmade wooden toys, birdhouses, buttons, and jewelry supplies.  Make sure to give her shop a look!

So, at the end of today, I have 19 total sales.  I can almost taste the 20 sales milestone!  Things have been going great lately with lots of jewelry orders, and I'm hoping to keep up that momentum. The past couple of days I sold a few of my favorite pieces (can you tell I've been seriously playing with a photo editor? LOL)  They are going to great homes, I just know it! :)

Finally, look at this BEAUTIFUL treasury that featured my Winter Ivy Necklace, the theme is "A Snowflake Affair."  It's composed of items that all have a winter wedding theme. It's really one of the most beautiful treasuries I've seen in a while.  ENJOY! :)