MORE OF EVERYTHING! Really...Everything!

MORE BABY...Today I had the great privilege of babysitting my 1 month old niece!  Her mommy had to go to the dentist, and I, since I work from home, was the perfect candidate to watch baby Kahlyn Rose.  That is pretty much all I did while she was at the house...Watch!  She slept almost the whole time!  She did wake up when I changed her diaper though.  That girl does not like getting undressed, I think she gets too cold!  At least her parents can rest easy knowing she won't grow up to be a nudist. :)  Can you believe the face she is making in this picture!?  So hilarious...  Doesn't it look like she's sticking out her tongue at me?  LOL!

MORE SALES...Also, today I met my goal of 30 sales!!!!  If I continue like this, I will be able to get my yearly goal of 100 sales in no time.  I also sent out my first big box order today.  Normally, I send out small orders in medium or large sized bubble mailers, but this order REQUIRED a box!  That's pretty exciting, right!?  And look how I figured out how to pixelate the addresses on my outgoing packages using a photo editor!  LOL!  I feel so ingenious!  It really doesn't take much for me to feel that way.  :)  Sheepish Grin...

MORE GREAT FEEDBACK...I got some more great feedback today on some of my favorite earrings I've made to-date.  I'm laughing at myself now, because almost every time I make something new, it becomes my new favorite.  I ALWAYS promise myself that I am going to make a replica of the item for myself to keep because I love the style so much, and then I NEVER DO!  Silly me. :)  Here's the great feedback I got:

"ABSOLUTELY STUNNING EARRINGS! I LOVE them soooo much! The wooden box is gorgeous too, so pretty and perfect for the jewelry. Thank you so MUCH I LOVE everything- what a fabulous designer you are!"
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MORE BLOG FEATURES...In other ego affirming news, one of my customers, who is also a wonderful Etsy seller, kippyssomature, featured me on her blog!  Check it out! I absolutely love the pictures she took of my items!  She really liked the jewelry box I included in her order and the way I packaged the earrings she purchased.  Please visit her blog and leave a comment if you can!

MORE DISPLAYS...That reminds me, look at my new earring displays in kippy's pictures!  They are re-purposed mini picture frames!  Cute right?  They are actually left over frames from our wedding in '06!  We put place setting cards in them!  In our recent move, Mateo uncovered them and thought maybe I would want to use them for something.  At the time I had nothing particular in mind, but just a couple of weeks ago, I came up with the idea to use them to display earrings!  I think these displays emphasize the point that my jewelry is "wearable art!" :)

MORE ITEMS...I only have a couple of orders to complete and ship out tomorrow.  That means I will be listing more items in my shop!  Hooray!  I don't even know if I will make it to the post office tomorrow because we are supposed to have SEVERE WINTER WEATHER!  I sure hope it's not as bad as the weather man is predicting... I have important things planned for tomorrow that include GETTING OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!  Check out my latest creation that I plan on listing in my Etsy shop tomorrow.  I finally bit the bullet and created a new piece tonight.   These GORGEOUS earrings are composed of luscious blue zirconia, smooth turquoise stone beads, antique brass filigree metal findings, brass wire work, and 14K gold plated ear wires.  I LOVE these earrings.  They are a little exotic, a lot glamorous, and fantasticly creative.  The closeup that my new camera took of these beauties thrills me!  I can't believe my closeup picture turned out so good, even without natural lighting!  Yay!  Happy New Camera Dance!

FINALLY, MORE SKILLS...NEWS FLASH!!!  Monday I am taking a metalsmithing class in Orono!  I can't tell you how excited I am!  I plan on documenting the class, my project, and my lovely instructor for this blog.  I love learning NEW SKILLS-especially really cool ones that involve TORCHES and METAL! :)  Trust me, I'll let you know all about it later! :)