Keep Calm and BLOG ON!!!!!!

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  Welcome to my 30th post...  Do you have serious expectations?  Well, don't! LOL!  Let me start out by saying it is ridiculously ironic that in my last post I went on and on about how I finally decided on the appropriate amount of blogging, and that I would LIMIT myself to ONLY blogging three times a week, and last week I only blogged once!  WHAT A LOSER!  LOL!  Good intentions, bad follow through...story of my life!  I still love my little blog and will find the time to give it the attention it deserves!  I SO NEED this poster in my workshop, it's from the KeepCalmShop on Etsy.  It's a good reminder to keep moving forward.

Photo taken by Amanda Coburn
Now I am going to STOP waxing philosophical over my own ineptitude, and move on to more entertaining endeavors! :)  I am quite pleased to relate that I am quickly making my way toward 50 sales!  It really looks like unless I come down with a life threatening disease or get hit by a car that leaves me unable to use at least one of my fingers to hunt and peck at my keyboard, my yearly goal of reaching 100 sales is extremely reachable...  Just a few months ago, I never would have thought that was a reasonable possibility.  I am incredibly grateful that things seem to be working out well!  I absolutely love this job, and I hope to continue, improve, learn, and create!

In other news, I had my SECOND Metalsmithing Class, and it was just as AWESOME as my first class.   I finished my linked bracelet, started a pair of earrings, and even began working on a bezel set ring!!!  My teacher even told me that in future classes she could teach me how to use PMC and make dichrioc glass!  I've hit the jackpot with this instructor for sure!  I have even used some of the techniques I learned in my first class to improve on some of my metal designs.  An example of that is how I was finally taught the correct way to use a metal file, which greatly shortened the time it took me to file the edges on some of my hammered aluminum pieces.  Did you know that a metal file has teeth that are pointed in one direction and that continuously rubbing metal against a file in the wrong direction does nothing but bring one closer to the edge of insanity?  LOL....Yeah, me neither! :) 

So, as my loving jewelry fiend mother has informed me, I need to get to work on some new designs, because my inventory is getting low.  SHE IS SO RIGHT!  I have under 50 items listed in my shop currently which is CRAZY.  I think my highest was 65 items listed, but I really am feeling the pressure to get to work and complete some new designs.  Especially because I have so many beads stocked up that I could easily triple my inventory if I could get off my sorry tail and get to work.  Here are a few designs that I have started, but have yet to finish and list...  Check them out and tell me what you think! :)

So the highlight of last week was spending some quality time with my family and close friends.  My family has decided that we really need to spend more time with people who REALLY matter, that is each other!  I don't know if I've mentioned the fact that my dad and I are practically twins...but its freaky sometimes!  We have the same lame, dry humor.  We unintentionally order the same things at restaurants.  We are many times the only ones who understand exactly what the other one is talking about!  It can be pretty freaky sometimes, but we get a kick out of it...  Also, Matt and I got to babysit our niece Kahlyn again, which was so precious.
Night Life Cuff on Its Way to Denmark!
Also, I am excited to announce that I sent out my first international order to DENMARK of all places! How cool is that!  I am super excited and just a little freaked out.  I don't know why, it's just something new and exciting, that I haven't yet conquered.  In just a few months I'll probably be like, "Denmark?  That's so close!  Now South Africa, that would be CRAZY!"  Oh no!  I think I've lied-I've already had my first international order, I've sent a couple of things to CANADA... SO I guess this is my first transcontinental order...  I guess I just forget that Canada is a different country! :) LOL!