So, last Wednesday was a mad scramble to turn my upside down, inside out workshop into a comfortable and beautiful spare bedroom for my REALLY TIDY in-laws.  NO PRESSURE, right!?  Actually, though I did work my TUSH off cleaning, decorating, and generally making things cute, I wasn't really stressed at all.  I did have to WARN my cute little in-laws ahead of time though, that even though I vacuumed the floor, they would inevitably find beads EVERYWHERE in the house!!!  I even made sure to give them a little cup to put the renegade beads and wire clippings into when they would no doubt step on one!  LOL.  The push to clean and cute-ify the house was really a good thing, because it finally made me hang up a few pictures on the walls and start making our beautiful house look more like a home.  We've been living since October, and I still haven't managed to decorate much at all! All my creative efforts have been focused on one thing-MY ETSY SHOP!!! Being as how I can only focus on one thing at a time, decorating the house is one of those things I just kinda forgot about up until this week!  Bad Bethany!

So here are my cute little French in-laws!  Apparently my father-in-law hates having his picture taken.  Not that that fact stopped me from TORTURING him with shot after shot of me trying to get a good picture of him!  LOL  If he knew how to use my camera, I know he would've erased the ones that I managed to take-he was holding my camera hostage at one point. :)  He's such a SCOUNDREL!  My mother-in-law is just so wonderful, she loves my jewelry too and wears a lot of it!  Such a great support! :)  Merci beaucoup, Jeannette, ma belle-mère favorite!

So, here's some really bad news,  I may have lost my very first order in the mail!!!! YIKES!  I just started getting delivery confirmation on all my packages, JUST AFTER I sent the article in question out!  ARG!!!  Isn't that just how things go.  It's been 2 weeks since I sent out a package (from Maine to Texas) and it definitely should have been there by now.  Thankfully, the buyer is a really nice, really reasonable person, who wants my bracelet more than she wants a refund.  I'll end up making a new one and shipping it to her (with DELIVERY CONFIRMATION this time) if she doesn't get it in a few days.  In the meantime, I filed a claim with USPS...Apparently there is HUGE WAREHOUSE where all the lost and forgotten mail goes when it can't be delivered to it's rightful home!  So, may be my little item is there!  We'll see how that turns out... :)  Regardless, I am trying to use this unfortunate experience to practice my customer service skills.  I'll let you know if I get any ranting, raving, truly terrible emails from unpleasant, unsatisfied customers...But really, who in the world would want to read about that anyway???

Brooches from blacheb and IChewJello respectively
Now, I will counter balance the unfortunate news, with some good juicy news!  I am happy to introduce 2 new vintage brooches that I have added to my collection!!! How funny is it that I used "new" and "vintage" together to describe my recent finds?  New-to-me that is, of course.  I can't wait to get started on my new line of necklaces with brooch pendants!  I should really get started on making those soon before I have too many brooches to handle! :)  I do SO like to shop..I'll tell you more about the great shops I got these from tomorrow!!!

In other news (I can't believe I didn't start this article with this point)  I MADE 50 SALES last week!!!  How great is that?  I can't believe how fast things are moving for my cute little business.  My yearly goal of 100 sales seem SUPER do-able, seeing as how I am halfway there and it is ONLY JANUARY!  So exciting!  I can't believe I am successfully enjoying a job that I totally love!!!  It's been truly fantastic.  Thank you everyone out there in cyberland who have supported my micro business, it's been a real pleasure to make beautiful things for you to enjoy!

Finally, check out the hilarious new addition to my office/workshop!
Brain Fog Dart Board... for generally wasting time :)

AND finally, finally...Look at this gorgeous treasury I was included in.  I am so honored to be put in such beautiful collections!  I can't believe that people would pick my items to place along side some of the other incredible art out there!!!  It makes me so happy and proud! :)

Stay tuned... tomorrow I am going to blog more about my fantastic metalsmithing class that I had today!!