AMAZING WEEKEND!!!! Great Sales, Great New Shops (And The Not So Great Plague)

So, as the title of this post states, I had an amazing weekend!  Despite being dog sick, I managed to sell a ton of items on Etsy!  I'm on my way to 20 sales!  My goal for 2011 is to get 100 sales, and I certainly got the year off to a fantastic start.  I also hit over 1000 views on my blog in the same weekend!  Seriously, who is reading this???  And the bigger question, why????  :) LOL!!! No really, thanks to everyone who reads my ridiculous nonsense, I really appreciate it. :) It seems that my hard work and determination are slowly paying off.  I also got to be with my hubby all weekend, which is always fun, even if we are both mucus filled sacks of grossness at the moment.
Apparently everyone is sick, look at this adorable picture of my new niece, who's a sicky poo right now!  Just a month old and already sick!  It's a cruel world out there...

Poor Baby Kahlyn
So, yesterday and today I've been catching up,  filling orders (especially making jewelry boxes!!!), renewing old listings, and making and listing new items in My Etsy shop.  Needless to say I've been working like a dog all day, but it was really fun, so I can't complain.  I did something pretty exciting today, I made my first set of post earrings instead of the usual ear wire kind! That was crazy fun because I got to use one of my latest tools, my MINI TORCH!!!!!  It's only the coolest thing EVER!  Matt, my husband is pretty sure that I am going to sear my flesh with it at some point, which isn't entirely unlikely, given that I have given myself third degree burns with only my hot glue gun. :)
Busy, Busy Tuesday

Little LopLand Snowball Rabbit

I also discovered some really cool Etsy shops this weekend.  The first one is called kippyssomature.  She makes "Handmade OOAK (One Of A Kind) Needle Felted Novelties and More."  And boy, are they super cute!  I'm absolutely fascinated by needle felted things, partly because I, myself, have absolutely NO IDEA how it's done, but mostly because the things that people make with this medium are usually ridiculously adorable.  This fiber artist lives in southern California. You can find sweet kitty earrings, pretty jewelry making supplies, unique felted lemurs, and more in this creative, diverse shop!  Most of all I love the felted animals.  They just look so doggone snugly! I mean seriously, how could you say no to such ridiculous cuteness.  Check out her shop!  You'll find it as irresistibly adorable as I do! :)
BearHeart Needlefelted Bear with Glass Opal Heart

Sunshine Citrine Nugget Earrings
The other shop that I came across is iloveyouthankyou.  This jewelry designer/creator from Hawaii has a profile that reads, "Welcome to my beautiful Hawaiian treasure chest! I have been a jeweler for more than 10 years, and I love stones! I am sharing some of my treasures with you as well as some of my very own Maui handmade pieces! Mahalo!"  There is carefree spirit evident in all the beachy, airy designs.  Just browsing through the shop makes you feel like you are on a warm, sunny beach (which I think all of us New Englanders need right now, because it's stinkin' freezing here).  In this shop, you will find elegant designs made from interesting textures and colors.  I REALLY LIKE all the stuff in this shop.  Sit back, pretend you have a pina colada in hand, and check out a few things from iloveyouthankyou
Hawaiian Ocean Fantasy Necklace

Alrightie, that's all for tonight!  More nearly fascinating escapades will be chronicled tomorrow.  :)

New Jewelry Box Designs