Amazing Feedback Makes My Day! :) and other unrelated news...

As I send more and more jewelry out into the world, I've had the wonderful opportunity to hear back from those people who now own and love it.   It's so exciting to get this special feedback, and some people are really saying such wonderful things about my work!  Here is some recent feedback I just read today that ABSOLUTELY made my day...

Precious Blossom Necklace
 ~"Beautiful - just beautiful!! And the incredibly delicate and lovely, hand embellished, ooak [one of a kind] jewelry box it arrived in, and is kept in!! WONDERFUL@!!! The blossom necklace is so beautiful! SweetSincerity's designs and artistry have just the right flair combined with sweet elegance, and timeless style~ Her wire work is extraordinary, in addition to every single detail of the craftsmanship and work she applies to her jewelry and even her jewelry boxes and packaging. A++++ This is a gift for my daughter and I URGE customers to definitely shop with SweetSincerity first for a gift for yourself, or any other woman, young or older - you will be thankful that you did. Prices are MORE than reasonable for the incredible work and design, and the high quality materials used. Wonderful!!"

Flowering Goldstone Earrings

~"My highest recommendation to this seller - not only are her designs and artistry superior and lovely, her packaging is such that it sets her far above the rest (including moi !!) These earrings I knew would be lovely, but in hand, and wearing them, they are simply beautiful, elegant, cheerful and ooak. Just lovely - with a touch of sparkle from the beautiful goldstone, to the HAND wire work with the beautiful blossom and leaves A++++ ANYONE would appreciate and be thrilled with a gift from Sweet Sincerity, so shop here first for yourself or someone else... please check here first - you will be thankful you did."

I'm so happy I'm blushing!!! :)  I really love making jewelry, and I am so glad that people appreciate the unique style that I bring to the table.
My New Camera is Ready for It's Close-up :)
Here's some other exciting news, I GOT A NEW CAMERA!!!!!!  FOR FREE!!!! Okay, no, not really...It's free in the sense that I don't have to fork out any actual money in order to own my blessed new piece of modern technology.  My husband however is going pay in sweat.  :) A friend has traded us my WONDERFUL new camera as partial payment for some carpentry work that Mateo is going to do for him (If you live in Maine and need a carpenter call JDS HOMES, #207-949-0364)  Really, how perfect is that?  I've really been needing a new camera for a while, the camera I was using for all my Etsy pictures was state of the art technology-10 years ago when my husband bought it!  I am so thrilled to re-do some of my old pictures and take new ones as well!  Thank you hubby!  YOU ARE THE MAN! :)  Is it bad that I am farming out my beloved hubby for electronics?  Yeah... Probably.

Lately, I've been so busy filling orders, I haven't even had time to list any new designs!  My favorite sight to see lately is a bunch of envelopes, filled, addressed, with my logo on them, ready to go to the Post Office.  Aaaahhh, every time I see that, I can let out a sigh of relief at a job well done.  Plus it's really exciting to know that my jewelry is being shipped all across the US!  I can't wait for my first international order!  I will be really nervously excited to ship internationally.  I used my new pretty logo stickers for the packages in this photo-the ones I made myself!  I think they look really good! I calculated it, and each sticker costs a whopping 2 cents for me to make at home!  Now that's thrifty cheap! :)
It really HAS been too long since I was able to list a new design.  I've been re-listing a few items that have sold if I have the materials (or desire) to make again.  Most of my designs, though, are OOAK, one of a kind.  I enjoy sending someone a special piece of jewelry that no one else in the world has! :)  The picture to the left is something I am currently working on. It's made out of these amazing, midnight blue flowers, frost green leaves, and indigo fire polished Czech glass beads.  I figure if I post my shamefully incomplete project for other people to see,  perhaps I will feel some sort of responsibility or guilt to finally complete and list it!!! :) LOL

So...I went shopping today to get some necessities so that I could fill a few orders.  I'm sure you can figure what happened to my resolve not to buy a lot of materials.  Yeah, that's right-my resolve went right out the window when I stepped up to the glass case at my favorite bead shop and saw THE GEMSTONE TRAY!  Check out these delicious gemstones and other beads that I picked up on my mini shopping adventure.  Among other things, I purchased Rose Quartz, Chalcedony, Citrine, and Labradorite! Yum.  I took these pictures with my NEW CAMERA and it did a pretty good job! Yippee! :) 

BEADS                      &                   GEMS
Kiss Me Lovely Hair Clip

Finally, LOOK WHAT I GOT IN THE MAIL TODAY!!!!!!  It's a totally amazing hair clip from LillyLusCollection shop on Etsy.  This shop, "provides a creative, modern, and yet vintage way to wear hair pieces." I was really drawn to this hair piece in particular because, with the feathers and the netting, it reminds me of a vintage veiled fascinator headpiece/pillbox that can actually be incorporated into day to day wear.  It was also very affordable.  I have in in my hair right now as I type!  It looks outstanding!  Even my husband likes it, so that tells you something!  Check this shop out, you will not be disappointed!  I WILL be buying again from this great designer.