Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bundle Up and Snuggle In-Winter Makes it's Grand Entrance

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gloves by LaimaShop, scarf by theuniquebird, hat by niseylee, coat by JulyS, dress by ThongbaiTatong, purse by borsettabags, socks by AldysCreations, boots by Kraaiennest, leggings by sandmaiden

Over 5 Carats of Delicious, Chocolatey, Smoky Quartz
Usually, by this time of year in New England, we find ourselves buried under SEVERAL feet of sparkly, fluffy, beautiful,  FRIGID snow.  Believe it or not, until YESTERDAY we could still see the green grass in our front lawn!  WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?!?  However, I'm pretty sure that now, winter is here to stay.  Weep you poor little Sun Worshipers and say good bye to your natural tans, but rejoice you adorable Snow Bunnies, it's time for winter frolicking (does anyone else think that word looks like "frog-licking?").  Regardless of how you feel about winter (or frogs for that matter), one great thing about this change in season is that it's finally time for some CUTE, SNUGLY winter fashion.  Yes ladies, it's time to get some practical boots (insert sad face, I know), thick socks, hats, gloves, and layers of wool to survive until spring.  You know, when it finally June.  Above are just a few wonderful, handmade items that I came across in warms shades of coffee, chocolate, yellow gold, pumpkin, cream, and oatmeal that can warm your spirit on even the coldest winter day!  :) Oh yeah, and I strongly recommend drinking large quantities of hot chocolate.  I think the perfect finishing touch to this outfit is the Smoldering Sienna Stud Earrings, back in stock  in my Etsy shop !
I need a back-up pair...hahaha

Speaking of seasons-what a crazy SHOPPING season it has been this year!  I have been working my BRAINS out and my fingers OFF-filling online Etsy orders, replying to customer emails and inquiries, working extra days (and nights) at Maine Jewelry & Art, and doing jewelry repairs for customers at the shop.  I'm pretty sure I can feel the gray matter is leaking out my ears as I type this and my fingers permanently conforming to the shape of the keys on the keyboard.  I have had so many online orders this month that I actually reached and SURPASSED 200 SALES on Etsy!  Hurrah!  Thankfully, I keep reminding myself that I will be able to sleep at some point in the near future.  Just the fact that I am able to blog is a good sign that things are slowing down to a more manageable pace so I can take a few moments to sleep, eat, and get back to CREATING new pieces! 
Anne Taintor Postcard by ArtisticEphemera
Despite the crazy, insane business of the last couple of months, I still really have enjoyed myself.  And doing what you love is priceless.  When asked what I liked best about this time of year, this is what I said (ignore the parts where I sound like I'm trying to be a smarty pants parts):

"As a small business owner myself, I see, first hand, the hustle and bustle of large quantities of people coming in and out of  the shop this time of year. But, my favorite part of all of this increased activity is helping people find the PERFECT gift for someone they love. Many customers come in, timidly looking around the shop, quietly contemplating what gift their special someone would like best. Then, more often then not, after narrowing down their choices, they ask for an opinion, as if anyone could possibly know which gift would better suit the person THEY know and love. In asking for help to make this important decision, it's as if the gift comes from me too. It's like a special secret between the customer and I, as we pick out that perfect gift, hoping the recipient will be pleased with out joint selection. Yep, helping people give gifts to the people who really matter in their lives, that's my favorite part of this time of year."

Funny Thank You Letterpress Card by creativitycards

A big thank you to everyone who has supported Sweet Sincerity in the past year, while I metalsmithed, wire wrapped, hammered, and beaded myself completely LOCO!   A special THANK YOU to my beloved, adorable hubby for doing the laundry while I was feverishly doing this.  It has been a crazy/beautiful journey-thank you ALL for taking the ride with me! we come!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Feeling Flakey-It's Practically Winter

     As I have just recently said goodbye to the very last drops of summer and embraced the cool, crisp autumn weather that I had been so effectively ignoring, it was quite surprising when Bangor experienced a FREAK SNOW STORM just over a week ago.  That's right folks, we here in Maine managed to survive 5 whole months of above freezing weather before we were reminded that we live in the ARCTIC TUNDRA.  That crazy OCTOBER storm, that canceled events and got the plow trucks out for their first run of the season,  left a definite chill in the air that is here to stay.   I guess it's a good thing I really like winter.  In order to continue loving winter, despite the many excessively chilly and sometimes overcast days, I have attempted to develop cold weather dressing into some what of an ART FORM.  Now, I understand that many people don't mind putting on a giant puff jacket that makes them look like a marshmallow and wearing head to toe wool.  I have no problem with that, "To Each His Own."  However, because I need to stay SANE and warm, adorable winter outfits are at the top of my priority list.  Although I hate to jump the gun and talk about winter fashion before the weather is simply too frigid to continue wearing flip flops, I though I might make an exception just this once.  So, as a preparatory measure to ensure the happiness and good mental health of those living in the Northern Hemisphere, I have compiled some "Fall to Winter" Fashion Finds that are sure to come in handy as the air gets, inevitably, chillier.

     Speaking of the chill in the air, I am REALLY looking forward to being part of a couple more Maine craft fairs during this fall/winter season, including.... THE BIG CHILL!!!  THE BIG CHILL is a follow up fair to THE BIG THAW that I did last April as my very first craft fair EVER.  I'd like to think that I have learned a lot about craft fairs since then: what to sell, what to expect, how not to dress, and other vital facts.  I'm sure somehow I'll still show up to THE BIG CHILL in fashionable, yet completely weather inappropriate clothing/accessories in some way.  That's just how I roll, unfortunately.  Impractical clothing aside, I am REALLY looking forward to reuniting with my fellow crafters and artisans on December 3rd at the Mayo Street Arts Center in Portland.  So...if you live in Portland, Maine, or if you're up for a day trip, come visit!  It'll be really fun!  :)  Especially if I trip over my 5 inch heels and fall on my face like last time.  :)

     ANYWAY, as a way of saying goodbye to Summer/Fall weather, Mateo, my hubby, and I decided to take out our 30 year old Jeep OFF-ROADING, while the ground was still soft enough to totally cover it with mud.  AND THEN... we decided to invite my parents to come with us!  I think it's safe to say that my parents are not exactly the dare-devil type.  I so wish I had a picture of my mother's face as we splashed through mud puddles, climbed up steep, rocky hills, and scraped against countless branches and rocks in our rugged little Jeep. Mom and I ended up giggling loudly and uncontrollably every time we were thrown around and splattered with mud in the back seat, as we clung on to the 30 year old upholstery for dear life. It was utterly hilarious.  My husband had such a great time that afterward, he had me take all kinds of pictures of his Jeep covered in mud.  He also kept asking, "Are you going to blog about this?  There are hardly words for how adorable I think that is.  :)

     Another cool thing that happened since my last blog post was that I was on Etsy's front page again, but this time FOR REAL!!!!  Not to say that the last time wasn't for real too.  But this time my earrings were featured in such a prominent spot that everyone could see them just as soon as they logged onto Etsy!  It's a freak coincidence that I even saw this treasury because it  was on the front page at like 2am.  I am not normally awake at this time, but for whatever reason that night I couldn't sleep.  So, I got up and turned on the computer, only to see this glorious sight!  HOORAY!  I got lots of emails and a few big sales out of this fantastic exposure.  Basically, it was pure awesome. 

Running with Scissors by VillainAccessories
     With regard to other fields of awesomeness, I realized that it's getting close to my one year Etsy-versary.  Although I technically set up my online shop in December of 2009, I didn't really do much of anything with it till October 2010.  I sold my first item November 15th, 2010.  Now it's almost a year later and I've hit over 150 online sales, I done so many craft fairs I feel like a veteran, and I have my jewelry on display in an art gallery!  It 's so great to see how the business has grown and changed in just one year.  It feels like I've been making jewelry forever, and it's so hard to believe that it's only been a year since this crazy little adventure started to take shape.  I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has encouraged and supported me during this wild ride.  If I were to write a memoir about all my experiences in the past year, it would most definitely be called:  "Running With Scissorshow to do really stupid things and somehow come out with both your eyes and all of your extremities." Okay, I guess the title needs a little work.  The probability of me actually writing a memoir anytime soon is pretty slim, so I guess I have the time to work on it!  ;)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Fall"-ing Behind and Ketchup

Clockwise from Left to Right:  Ring by SweetSincerity, Scarf by LoveKnots4Baby,

     Oh hello again! I've finally found my way back to the glorious blog-o-sphere to celebrate the season that is officially upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere, with a few Fall Fashion Finds.  Honestly, I really believe the best part about Fall, besides warm apple cider and brilliant autumn foliage, has got to be THE CLOTHES!  Sweaters and sweater dresses, scarves and jackets, closed toed shoes and knee high boots, I could go on and on about what I LOVE about Fall Fashion. Of course, here in chilly New England, we like to mix our scarves and long sleeve shirts with flip flops, in order to hang onto every ounce of above freezing weather that we have!  :)  Yes, the native Maine fashionista is a strange and rare bird with odd grooming habits influenced, in part, by the harsh climate of her natural environment.  LOL

LAPTOP Weapon of Choice Keychain by riskybeads
    So, I know that it seems like EVERY TIME I blog, I just HAVE to write about how long it's been since my last blog post.  It seems silly to keep repeating my self, but it's ALWAYS true.  So for good measure, let me just add, "OH MY WORD, IT'S BEEN SO LONG SINCE I BLOGGED!"  Okay.  Now I feel better.  Hopefully none of you remember when I optimistically forecasted that I would be blogging at least two times per week.   Yeah, that so didn't happen.  I've tried to analyze why I have become such an infrequent blogger, even though I absolutely adore it.

I have come up with the following reasons/excuses:

   1. I find that my husband is just too cute to ignore.
   2. I've finally come to grips with the fact that my house will never clean itself.
   3. I am constantly re-writing, re-editing, re-doing any given blog post to make sure I didn't say anything too ridiculous.
   4. I have not yet joined Procrastinators Anonymous.  Maybe tomorrow...
   5. Most of the time, I simply do not find myself that entertaining, why would you?! :)
   6. After a year of sitting in front of my computer for long periods of time, I find it almost impossible to sit and focus for more than an hour with out some SERIOUS FIDGETING!!! are some highlights of the last 3 weeks or so since the LAST TIME I remembered that I have a blog:

  • The Provoking Muse Cuff got featured on a New England Made BLOG!!!  :)  New Duds picked the Provoking Muse Cuff as one of their favorite things from Maine crafters-What an honor!  :)
Click here to check out the blog post I was in!
  • Sweet Sincerity Jewelry was part of an Etsy Maine Team treasury list that got to the front page of Etsy...  This can be amazing exposure for an Etsy shop resulting in a lot of sales.  So that was pretty exciting...Except, our Earthy Glamor Necklace  was one of the alternate choices in the bottom row of the collection that may/may not have actually appeared on the Front Page of Etsy.  So close, and yet so far!!!!  Regardless, here is the beautiful collection that a fellow Mainer put together.

  • Alee, I, and Sweet Sincerity were featured on a photography blog!  My neighbor, Ashley Erin, is a fantastic photographer.  She has a really interesting project going on right now-she's going to do 365 portraits in 365 days, chronicling all of her work on her blog.  She asked us to do a shoot with her, and we were THRILLED to be a part of her project!  If I had a billion dollars I would hire HER to take pictures of my jewelry, instead of trying to take them myself with a cheap camera!  P.S. I just noticed that Alee and I are wearing the same colors in these photos.  This was TOTALLY unplanned.  So much for my theory that I was adopted...hahaha.  Thanks so much Ashley for these great photos!

  • And lastly....The Sweet Sincerity Facebook Page reached OVER 150 "likes", and to celebrate we're doing another GIVE-A-WAY for the ever so popular Flight of Fantasy Peacock Earrings.

Enter here for a chance to win!!:

All things considered it was a pretty good few weeks, minus the utter lack of blog-age...'Til next time! :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For-the Ups and Downs of a Brick and Mortar Shop

Funny Get Well Cards: Feel Better, Get Well Soon by printerettepressYou Should Be Quarentined Get Well Card by HeartsgGrowFonder, More Medication Please by aYadesigns, Get Well Soon Your Replacement Is Getting Tired by ableandgame

It is sad to say that the thing that is compelling me toward my keyboard, beckoning me to publish detailed rantings of the beauty of success and the ugliness of defeat, is that I am almost completely incapacitated by a VICIOUS FLU BUG that is going around.  I am basically incapable of doing ANYTHING productive.  In between fading in and out of consciousness and taking mass quantities of Day Quill, I had the brilliant idea that today might be good time to catch up on my computer work.  You may be thinking that publishing one's private thoughts while being in a weak, sleepy, and highly medicated condition is not the smartest thing in the world...and in this I believe you would probably be correct.  Then again, that is what I do best, going ahead with half-baked ideas full bore, regardless of the wisdom in doing so.  Ha ha ha.

The Gallery...Ain't it Perdy?!?!?!?
Okay, so pretty much what has taken up most of my time lately (and has kept me far, FAR AWAY from my poor little blog) is the fact that I have been doing A LOT of work at the gallery downtown where my jewelry is on display, MAINE JEWELRY AND ART.  It's definitely a change to go from just having an online business, and occasionally doing a craft fair, to having a brick and mortar store to staff and care for.  In order for this blog post not to be long, boring, and emotionally scaring for you poor readers I have devised a simple, slightly humorous list of the pros and cons to having a Gallery/Store that I have observed thus far.

ANY QUESTIONS?   Expounding on my Pros/Cons List:
  • Yes, running a brick and mortar store will probably be good for your overall personal hygiene.
  • Yes, you may encounter a few people who are part of the general public that make you feel better about the state of your own metal health.
  • Yes, our store did get robbed recently of cash, merchandise, and snacks.
  • Yes, you read correctly, I said snacks...
  • Yes, paying bills and doing anything that in any way resembles grown-up responsibilities is indeed a GIANT BUZZ KILL.
  • Yes, you may encounter people who call you "honey."  Do not be fooled by their sugary sweet patronizing tone, this is not actually a term of endearment.  NOTE:  These people should always be treated with the respect, and may be graciously forgiven if they purchase anything in your shop over 10$.  LOL!!!!
DISCLAIMERThe views expressed in this blog do not necessarily reflect the views of the owners of Maine Jewelry and Art.  All characters referred to in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.  LOL

Check out these designs AVAILABLE  in my Etsy shop too!
All in all, I'm having a good time living, learning, making new things, expanding my business locally and online.  Who knows where all of this hard work will lead to.  In the end, it doesn't really matter to me, cause I'm loving every minute of it...or nearly every minute, just don't call me honey.  LOL!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What I Did On My Summer Vacation...

industrial simplex school wall clock
by AMradio
 Don't worry, I promise this blog post wont actually be one of those BORING essays that every school aged child has to write when they go back to school, reducing their summer of freedom and folly to a bland 500 word essay.  Instead, I hope to enthrall you with fascinating tales of victory and defeat, learning and exploration.  Okay, not really-my summer was no where near as dramatic as the last sentence seems to indicate.  However, I've HAVE worked like a crazy person, learned A WHOLE LOT, and made some great headway in establishing Sweet Sincerity Jewelry as my MORE-than-40-hours-a-week-full-time job.  So prepare to be impressed.  Ha ha ha, not really.
One of the MANY Configurations of the
Sweet Sincerity Booth at Craft Fairs This Summer
Seriously though, I HAVE learned so much this summer about life, the universe and everything! Well, mostly what I learned was about craft fairs, really. I did 5 local craft fairs, learned how to set up my display quickly, efficiently, and without it tipping over in the wind (SCORE!!!!!), how to price things for the local market, how to interact with a few scary customers who wanted half of my inventory for only 20$ total, and much, much more!  Some of the craft fairs that I participated in made me hundreds of dollars, and others made me value the priceless nature of experience (which basically means I made next to nothing on them, but got to practice how to set up my craft fair booth).  It's been a whirlwind of activity for the last month and a half, which is why I have yet again lapsed into complete and utter SLACKER TERRITORY when it comes to filling my shop with new things and BLOGGING!!
Chef Hats by softsweetfeet
Another event that has severely impacted my motivation to blog and list new things on the "interwebs," as my hilarious metal-smithing teacher calls it, is that my lovely bff baby sister got a NEW not-so-part-time job as a chef at a local pub.  I'm really excited for her to have a job that she really likes, but that of course means that I'm left all by my lonesome to get motivated to work, blog, and produce.  Yeah....I really miss her.  LOL.  But she's never been too busy to come and support Sweet Sincerity Jewelry despite her busy schedule.  Hooray for that! 

OK, now I will go on a crazy rant-all you normal, well-adjusted people feel free to ignore this paragraph ENTIRELY.  So let me start of by saying that I HATE the evil insensitive advertisers who begin advertising fall merchandise before summer is actually over.  Here in Maine, we value every drop of summer we can get.  From the day it hits 65 degrees Fahrenheit to the first flurries of winter, we here in New England are happily wearing our shorts and flip flops.  Winter accounts for about 7 months here, so whenever it's above freezing, there is cause for rejoicing and randomly breaking out into song.  Advertisers who clearly have no idea what it's like to live here are ALWAYS sending out fliers AT LEAST 2 months early, advertising what's new for the coming season.  That's just plain insulting, because we know we won't be letting go of our flip flops til November, and we won't be enjoying the spring thaw til June. We also know that fall is really just a harbinger of doom, and we'd rather not think about the long cold winter that is just around the corner.  Common!!!  Just let us hang on to our warm weather, PEOPLE!  Look at me, going on this crazy tirade, and after I just gave in and changed my Etsy banner to a fall theme! HA!  GIANT hypocrite ends rant.
A Small Sample of the Sweet Oceanside Line!
 In other, more balanced/less insane news, I've started a collaborative jewelry line with my metal-smithing teacher, that is now being shown in the Maine Jewelry and Art Gallery!!!!  How exciting is that?  The line that we are doing together is called "Sweet Oceanside" and consists of sea glass, pearls, shells, and other ocean-y type elements.  The shells and sea glass have been picked off the beaches of Maine by our own family and friends.  Isn't that neat?  Last Friday, I also put some Sweet Sincerity Jewelry on display in the Gallery.  If you are in the area, please go check it out! Maine Jewelry and Art is located in the heart of Downtown Bangor, diagonally across from the Bangor Public Library on Harlow Street. I can't believe I have anything in a gallery!  I feel so special...BLUSH!  It feels good to know that I've learned so much that I can now call myself a metal-smith! 

So yeah, It's been a busy summer Sweet Sincerity-wise, but it's been fun-and having a job that you love is truly priceless!  So now, lastly, enjoy some of my favorite collections that Sweet Sincerity Jewelry has had the privilege of being a part of.

And here's a collection I put together of other talented artists! Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Learning Experiences Can Be Uncomfortably Sweaty

"Holy Cow" by inspiredpetportraits
HOLY COW.  Those are the first words that come to mind when I think about my first OUTDOOR craft fair last Thursday.  It was the downtown Bangor Outdoor Market in Pickering Square that happens every Thursday from 5-8pm. Let's just say I was incredibly unprepared!  The whole day getting ready for the fair, I was totally CHILL.  I casually organized the jewelry, made a few new things, helped my mom complete a project for a family member, and slowly got everything together necessary to take to the fair.  My mom helped me get ready, and she was more nervous about the set up than I was, frantically asking me questions all morning long.  Meanwhile, I was secure in the knowledge that I had a plan in place that had worked out wonderfully at THE BIG THAW craft fair in April.  Boy, was I in for a surprise when I went to set up my booth downtown.  There were so many other factors involved in setting up a booth OUTSIDE, like the BEATING SUN, WIND, DIRT, and customers enthusiastically rummaging through the jewelry before I even had it out of the storage container! My whole set up blew over about 5 times, scattering (and breaking) jewelry everywhere!  I was so hot and sticky that MY SWEAT WAS SWEATING while I had to redo my whole display OVER AND OVER AND OVER until the wind finally stopped blowing!!!!  It was totally NUTS!

Imagine this...only sunny, 95 degrees, and REALLY WINDY!
picture taken from
 I was all but ready to pack up and go home when my friendly market neighbors from BLUE CEDAR and CARROT TOP FARM took pity on my hopeless situation and tried to help.  They offering up coolers, bungee cords, twist ties, and their PURE MUSCLE to help me set up my tent and have it actually STAY standing!  May God bless them with pretty babies and an unending supply of cookies...or whatever their happiness equivalent would be.  Seriously, I don't know what I would've done without them.  Oh wait, yes I do-I would've gone straight back home and never gone back!  My husband and my father also arrived on the scene to help, bringing weights and ties and other wonderfully MANLY things that were SOOO  helpful in saving my craft fair career.

This collage pretty much sums up how I looked that day.
"Black Gloves" by matouenpeluche
"Bad Hair Day" by VeryMaryMary3 
So picture this. At the beginning of the evening I am in A SKIRT (I don't know what I am thinking when I get dressed for these things), with a BLACK (bad choice) short sleeved sweater shirt, a cute black pair of crocodile flats, with my big, sparkly Turquoise Gala jewelry set on, my hair down and straight (which was a miracle in itself), looking put together. By the end of the night, I was covered in SWEAT, DIRT, and unidentified SMUDGES on my legs and arms!  My ridiculously too hot shirt was soaked with sweat and covered, in what I can only imagine to be lint and various other debris from having to move around the display and everything at least 4 times!  My DUCK FLAT feet are aching from my "practical"  flat shoes (that have zero arch support), and I have CRAZY LADY HAIR!  With practically no make-up left and a very clear "I need a seriously need a shower and a nap"  look on my face, I was a sight to be seen.  I took pictures of all this ridiculousness, as I always do, documenting my most humiliating moments for others enjoyment. However, to add INSULT to INJURY, my computer was acting up when I went to download these horrible shots of hideousness and utter chaos and they were COMPLETELY erased.  But then again...that's may be for the best.  :)

"Audience" fine art photograph by Susiegrafie
Toward the end of the night, I was walking though the other vendors' booths, both to see what they had for sale and to see how in the world they were managing to keep all of their lovely stuff firmly attached to the ground.  More than one of them recognized me by saying, "Oh yeah, you were the girl who had such a hard time setting up!"  AHHHHHH!  yeah...  that's me.  Gotta love knowing during some of your most embarrassing moments, you have an audience! I'm blushing just thinking about it!
what I want next... ;)
Re-Purposed Appliqued Clutch by cosmossewing
 I'm going to stop whining now (I bet you're glad) and talk about something LOVELY.  One extremely bright spot in my day was bartering with a fellow vendor at the fair, COSMOSSEWING.  I traded her one of my sterling silver dichroic glass rings for a gorgeous upcycled bag made from second hand clothing. It's nice to make new friends by giving them presents right away!  Be sure to check out her Etsy shop, as well as her Facebook page!

So now, I have to RESTRUCTURE my entire display to make it as HEAVY, and as CUSTOMER FRIENDLY as possible.  As so many other experienced vendors told me, "Don't worry, it's a learning experience." Oh so true.  I learned I want an INDOOR BOUTIQUE now more than ever!  Just kidding.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm a Lover, not a Writer

Lazy Summer fine art photo by ReflectedLight

 SIGH!!!  It has officially been three weeks TO THE DAY since I have blogged.  Oh I remember-I have a blog!  How easily I forget.  With the onset of warm, summery weather here in normally frigid New England, I seem to have lost almost EVERY OUNCE of my once fierce work ethic.  Summer was made for sitting in the sun on the patio, drinking ice tea and lemonade, while listening to the sound of laughing children, don't you think? A simple whiff of whatever happens to be cooking on the grill makes my mouth water, my stomach grumble, and any thoughts of hard work fade quickly away.  It sure doesn't help for our anniversary my husband finished the stone patio in our back yard, which is now the perfect place for day dreaming, barbecuing, and sun bathing! See what I mean?
SUMMER FUN:  First Family Dinner on Our New Patio!!!
In someways this lazy summer pace is a good thing, because my inventory isn't diminishing too quickly.  "WHY ON EARTH could that be a good thing?" you may be asking.  Because starting the third week in July, I will be doing another craft fair, and this time it's LOCAL!  Here are some details:

Bangor Outdoor Market

"The Outdoor Market features 38 vendors selling Maine-made fine arts, select crafts, specialty food items and produce. All items are handmade, prepared or raised by the vendor.   Items available include; art, baked goods, cheese, clothing, food, furniture, handbags, jewelry, photography, pet products, toys and much more. The market is located in West Market Square and along Broad Street/Merchants Plaza on Thursdays June 9th-August 11th from 5:00 PM- 8:00 PM." -

So if you are in Bangor, Maine on a Thursday night in mid-July through August, come and stop by and find our little booth.  I'm really excited to be included among the vendors who are part of this years Downtown Bangor Outdoor Market!  There is a FREE concert series going on during the same time the market will be held, so it's sure to be a good time had by all! :)  Here is a list of the upcoming bands that will be playing:

The Blue Ukelele by SussanahTucker
Remaining 2011 Cool Sounds lineup includes:
 June 16th-Rog & Ray (Caribbean, latin and island style)
June 23rd-The Scharff Brothers (Alternative, pop, rock-n-roll)
June 30th-Sam and Yuri (Folk-rock fusion)
July 7th-Evergreen (Bluegrass, folk, blues, old‐time, country and swing)
July 14th-Kayla Wass Band (Country)
July 21st-Teen Jam
July 28th-RetroRockerz (Good‐time music of the 50's, 60's, and 70's)
August 4th-FLASH! In the Pans (Steel drum- mix of traditional calypso, pop, swing, blues, and classical)
August 11th-The BArSTuARDS (Rock/Folk with Celtic influence)

I just sounds smart...LOL
 My lack of motivation for creating new things has  allowed me become a more consistent reader/commenter on the Etsy blog, which lead to a quote from me being feature on the blog homepage!  So that's a good thing, right?  That exposure helped me get a lot more people noticing my shop.  That's right!!  Spread the word!  I even figured out (thanks to my techno savvy friend Jaclyn) how to take a screen shot of my little 15 seconds of fame so I can cherish this fleeting moment FOREVERS!  LOL.

Just because I haven't been super motivated doesn't mean everyone's been a slacker!  Check out these beautiful treasuries that other talented artisans put together, including Sweet Sincerity Jewelry!  Hopefully you will hear from me again soon!








Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Boutique Dreams

Black Ornate Cork Board by shugabeelane
Zesty Apple Green Mannequin by CorsetLacedMannequin
Hollywood Regency Wedding Chalkboard by RevivedVintage

So, here it is...The cold hard truth.  I am, in fact, a touchy feely, HGTV show watching, baby-loving, matchy matchy, cumpulsive NESTER.  That's right, you heard me-a put down roots, pick out curtains, make a house a home, NESTER.  Sometimes I dream about being the kind of person I thought I would be in my mid to late 20' know the ultra focused, motivated, business minded career woman, with no roots in any particular area, but for sure going somewhere AWESOME, and FAST.  However, in my journey of self-discovery I have realized that I AM NOT that type of person at all!  I'm like the exact opposite of that!  I know...Crazy right?! 

Why am I sharing this interesting, yet irrelevant (and extremely personal) moment of self discovery with you  (i.e. making you read all this long-winded introspective when all you wanted to read about was some pretty jewelry)?  Well, because that leads me into the topic of this blog post, my dreams of one day soon opening a SWEET SINCERITY BOUTIQUE.  Turns out that this hard core, determined jet setter just wants to settle down and open up a chic boutique.  Who woulda thunk?  

Simply Chandelier Vinyl Wall Decal by urbanwalls
Pink Orchid Refinished Wood Chair by trinaroseboutique
So in line with that dream, I have been planning, calculating, and praying that I can find SOME WAY to make this a possibility.  So far, I've gotten in contact with (but have yet to finish all the tedious paperwork for) a local small business development center that helps with business planning and financing.  Apparently, going from a small, successful home business to a brick-and-mortar, REAL DEAL, store front BOUTIQUE requires some serious cash.  Therefore, I am setting up the "Start a Sweet Sincerity Boutique Fund," starting NOW!  I even added a "donate" button to the right margin of this blog so that you too can donate to this worthy cause if you are so moved!  Ahhhh!  I know!  That's so...COMMERCIAL of me!!!  GASP!  Although I hate money with a passion, every now and then I DO have to come down off my idealistic cloud of obliviousness and realize that money is necessary to make dreams a reality.  A fact which, as you already know, I deeply resent!  LOL! :)
Sweet Sincerity Jewelry's Display at THE BIG THAW, Portland, Maine
So, enjoy the great decorative boutique finds that I have sprinkled throughout this post-All these picks are based on the color palette and layout of my BIG THAW craft fair display in April!  Perhaps in the coming months, I'll be posting pictures of my real boutique!  Wouldn't that be AMAZING!  We'll see what the future brings, as I get closer and closer to making this dream a reality...  TO BE CONTINUED!!!

In the meantime, here are a few treasury collections that Sweet Sincerity Jewelry has been included in!  Enjoy the hard work of other worthy artists!

Friday, May 27, 2011

100 SALES-A Reflection on Success, Free Gifts, and Fashion... you know, just the important stuff

1615 Vinyl Lettering by DesignDivasGallery
 Yes, we did it.  We finally reached 100 Etsy
 sales.  I feel dizzy with excitement as I write these words, but that very well could be due to my annual "lose-those-five-pounds-before-you-have-to-be-in-a-swimsuit-in-public" diet.  LOL!!!  I didn't expect to be this excited about reaching this goal, but I really just can't contain my spastic joy at achieving this milestone.  THANK YOU ALL for being so supportive,encouraging, and inspiring-helping Sweet Sincerity Jewelry be what it is today.  Tear!  I'm feeling a bit verklempt, chocking back tears of joy!  Don't worry, I'm not actually crying...well, maybe on the inside. Again, that is very possibly a symptom of  the post-winter hibernation diet!  :) 

Speaking of Swimsuit Season (cause for a shout of both "Hooray!" and "Ugh!" simultaneously), check out some amazing Beachy Items that I put together for this weeks SWEET SINCERITY FASHION FINDS!!!  I am so in love with the black monokini, it's ridiculous, and the FANTABULOUS skirt can also be worn as a quick pull on strapless dress!  All of these lovely items are perfectly matched with Sweet Sincerity's Earth-tone Onyx Bracelet and Earrings Set.  What more could a fashionista want? :)  Oh I know...FREE STUFF!

Swimsuit by holieb, Skirt/Dress by SweetCakeCookie,
Bracelet and Earrings by Sweet Sincerity, Sandals by tuto, Shrug by marcellamoda
                                       FREE STUFF!!!!!

These are the little cosmic beauties we are giving away...
the Stellar Earrings $25
So speaking of FREE STUFF, in honor of our 100th Sweet Sincerity Etsy sale, as well as our 100th Facebook Business Page "LIKE" we are doing a GIVE-A-WAY!  Okay, honestly we just really decided that giving stuff away free is super fun; we didn't really need an event to inspire the present giving.  We like getting presents too, just FYI.  :)  If you want to get in on this sweet deal (no pun intended-seriously we are not THAT lame), here's how to play:  To enter just go to the bottom left of our Sweet Sincerity Business Page and click on the word "SHARE" to share our page with your friends. Then, add a comment here, on our Facebook page, to tell us that you have entered! 
Marylin Monroe Tie Tack
by pretentiousjewlery

Using we will come up with the winner Wednesday, JUNE 1st! So Stay Tuned for All the Excitement!  Perhaps I need a nap...I am still irrationally joyful, even while talking about giving away our jewelry for free...  Who am I kidding?  I love to give stuff away just as much as I like get grocery money for it!  Gotta love the quote from Marylin Monroe to the left...I wish I had found this for my big rant on HOW I HATE MONEY!  :)  That would have been a perfect!  What can I say but, "Right on, Marylin.  Right on."

Confucious Print by ecceprints

So, after much reflection on what I might have learned over the past 100 sales, I've realized that success is not just something that happens.  Okay, that might be an oversimplification of the matter, but hopefully you know what I mean! Perhaps my long lost friend, who never failed to put me to sleep in English class can say express my sentiments more clearly-Henry David Thoreau said, "Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it." The meaning that I infer from this quotation, as well as what I've learned in my short months of freakishly pursuing business efficiency, is that success is a result of boring sounding, everyday, "busy work" type things like consistency, hard work, adaptability, and perseverance.  No, I'm not kidding...sorry all you capricious artistic types, of which group I am a member.  I know when I first started my Etsy shop, I had all kinds of dreams of "being discovered" one daysomeone would recognize my amazing talent, paying whatever I asked for my "priceless" work, therefore allowing me to live craftily ever after, no longer as  a starving artist (except in preparation for swimsuit season, of course).  The reality seems to be, though, that these noble (albeit tedious) qualities-like hard work and determination-are just as important to success as vision, creativity, and a unique perspective on the world.  I know.  BUMMER ON THAT!  No, just kidding.  I have no aversion whatsoever to hard work, especially when it doing something that allows me to say everyday, "I love my job!"
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