Today is Shopping and Shipping Day (and Meet My New Niece!)

So today, I'm shipping out the orders I got yesterday and shopping for new inspiring materials at some of my favorite local craft stores!  I might even go to my favorite bead shop, Downeast Sticks'n Stones in Brewer, Maine!  They carry an amazing selection of beads!  That store is my happy place!  :)  If you want to check them out, I've listed their website below.  They also have a Facebook page which I can't add to because I don't have a facebook yet, but you can if you'd like!  :)

Here are some fun pictures from their sites:


And last but not least, meet my new niece, Kahlyn Rose Aucoin!  Isn't she beautiful?  She was born on Sunday, December 5th, so she's a little over two weeks old now! She's actually even cuter than this in real life!  She is so funny too!  My sister has this hilarious picture of her on her facebook page with one eyebrow up and this quizical look on her face like, "Mom, what do you think you are doing taking my picture?"  She's sure to be a fun kid!