This is My 20th Post! It better be a good one right!?

So, I don't know if many people noticed, but I was doing a poll on this blog to see which hair color people preferred on me, blond-as in the photo I have with my hubby posted, or black-which is my current hair color and the color in my Etsy photos. Well, the results are in! 66% of you like me as a blond! I'm pretty sure my parents voted at least once a day, stacking the deck against my black hair. It's safe to say that they are not big fans of this color! :) LOL!  I think I am going to try red hair before I go back to blond for good, but I'm going to wait a while. I don't like to scare people too much with my drastic hair color changes. :)

So I've been pretty busy today researching new blogs to apply to, creating more social networking avenues for promoting my jewelry, answering emails, and participating in some BNR treasuries (which means BUY and REPLACE-you can buy a spot in a treasury by purchasing an item from another seller, then your item replaces their slot!).  I'm pretty wiped out today from all the work I did yesterday, so I pretty much feel like napping at this point.  Oh yeah!  I also finished my interview for the Daydreaming Escape blog.  It'll be exciting to see the post, I'll be sure to add a link to it later!  

I got something else in the mail today from an Etsy Seller!  I absolutely love it!  It's so snuggly-made from soft baby alpaca wool.  It's cold weather chic!  This cowl neckwarmer is from fellow Mainer, magentaskystudio.  Check out her shop if you want something warm and snuggly this winter! 

Buttonup Neckwarmer Cowl (I bought this in purple!)

Galaxy Bracelet

Lastly, I'd love everyone to check out this amazing Etsy shop, ReflectionsJewelry.  I absolutely love all her jewelry, and I bet you will too!  She's a Maine local who makes "Glittering Jewelry with a Retro Twist".  Her Etsy profile states the each of her pieces is her  "own design, crafted with high quality materials, including Swarovski crystals, pearls, semi-precious stones, sterling silver, gold, and antiqued brass." I want whoever took her pictures to take mine too! :) Please give her site some love! Her high end jewelry is just amazing!   And check out a few of my favorites from her shop:
Botany Necklace


Italian Vineyard Necklace