So today was an interesting shopping trip.  I hit two of those local chain craft stores because I had fantastical coupons there.  I also went to my favorite bead shop, Downeast Sticks'n Stones.  Needless to say, I came home with a bundle of goodies.  One thing I have learned is, never buy from a chain store unless you have a discount coupon or there is something on sale.  It really saves money in the end, that way your products can be more affordable to your clientele.  However, the only drawback to that line of thinking is when there is a sale, or I do have a fabulous coupon, it's like skinny girls eating cupcakes!  You know what I mean :) I come home with crazy loads of loot on one day, and sometimes there is sticker shock and buyers remorse afterward.  Not today though, because I got some GREAT stuff. See for yourself.


What am I absolutely most excited about from my stash of crazy, awesome beads?  The gorgeous labradorite that I bought from Downeast Sticks'n Stones.  I got some other great stuff there too, but these little faceted briolettes are my favorite!  Their glistening blue, grey shimmer is mesmerizing.  Not sure what I'm going to make with them yet, but I'm sure they be the highlight of the piece.  Check them out!  Gemstones make my mouth water!  Is that weird? probably is.

Okay, Not that I haven't plugged my favorite bead shop enough, but here's a link to my blog post with their website and facebook fan page  I really just love that store!  You can buy beads anywhere, but the quality of materials and the varied selection is phenomenal.  Not to mention that the customer service is far superior to any chain store (i.e. I don't have to spend 25 minutes of my day reasoning with a manager about getting a discount on clearly defective beads)  It was evident today they are very much appreciated in the community as well, by the excited hustle and bustle going on in their shop.  Also, the owner showed me a recent article in the Bangor Daily News featuring their store and new shop location (they just moved a little while ago).  Here's the link to the fantastic article, just click on the adorable picture of the mother and child shopping in their store.

  AND I found out today that the owner has an Etsy store!  Check it out:  So now YOU, wherever YOU are, can get some of their great selection of beading supplies!  But hands off the faceted crab agate!  That's mine :) 

Faceted Crab Agate sold by BeadJunk

"Fall Flourish" Bracelet

And last but not least, a tribute to the lovely Sarah, who also helps her mother run Downeast Sticks'n Stones.  I took a beading class from her a while back, and she taught me how to make things that don't fall apart.  The rest is history!  :)  She, herself, is a very talented jewelry designer! Her Etsy shop GypsyAdornment makes, "Eclectic Jewelry and Trinkets for the Adventurous Soul."  How cool is that?  :) Check her site out!

Here are some of my favorites of her items:

"Genuine Turquoise and Antique Gold
Pearl" Bracelet and Earring Set
"Mermaid Blossom Bracelet"