Nursing Hubby Back to Health :(

Today, I haven't been super productive, because my hubby is home sick with a cold/flu thing that has him uncomfortably incapacitated.  I'm doing my best Florence Nightingale to try and take good care of him, running to get him food, hot drinks, medicine, and just generally trying to show him love and attention. I hope he feels better soon!  He's been chillin' out, watching movies, and sleeping on and off.  So, I haven't been able to do much jewelry work today, but hubby is more important, obviously. :)  Poor Mateo!  He looks so sad and sick in this picture(but still super cute)!  He even let me take this adorable picture of him to post on my blog!  What a good sport! :)

My next hair color?
I did get out of the house to do a few errands today, and in a moment of weakness, I picked up another box of hair dye...I know, I know.  After my post yesterday, I was discussing with my husband dying my hair again.  HE LOOKED SCARED! :)  LOL.  He said he didn't want me to go RED red, instead he thought I should try some highlights first. So, when I saw this color in the store I liked it and thought is was low-key enough for adding a few highlights.  Now though, in different lighting, it looks like it might turn my hair purple!  Yikes!  I'll let you know when I am brave enough to try it.  Whatever happens, it won't be my first hair dying, risk taking adventure-just ask anyone in my family about the time I accidentally dyed my hair pumpkin ORANGE... Good times, good times.

Yesterday, I made a treasury of some of MY favorite things in my shop so that I could post it here on my blog.  Kind of a neat idea, right?  Well, at least I thought so.  I know that you all are totally capable of finding your way to my Etsy shop, but I thought I would make it ultra easy for you! LOL :)


In other news, I got an exciting email today!  Chantal, from the Daydreaming Escape Blog, posted my interview today!  How exciting! She added some really nice pictures too of my items.  Check it out!  Hopefully this will bring more exposure to both her blog and my shop.  Thanks Chantal!  Here is the link:
Shirt Patterns from pixieval

Oh yes, AND look what I got in the mail today!  I received clothing patterns from pixieval on Etsy.  I'm really excited to start sewing again! I used to make dresses, and it was so much fun!  I don't know how to use a sewing machine yet, but that is the next logical step. :)  It's a long process sewing a gown by hand!  When I made my purchase from pixieval, she was running a BOGO special, so I got to choose an extra pattern.  I chose an UNDERWEAR pattern-how hilarious would it be to make your own panties, I mean really...  That's just funny stuff!!!!!  Who knows,  these patterns could be the start of a new career path for me in women's fashion!  LOL!  Probably not without a sewing machine, but that won't stop me from trying to make my own clothes!  NOW THAT'S THRIFTY! 
My Newest Creation

I did manage to make ONE new pair of earrings today!  What do you think?  Leave me a comment if you have an opinion!  I think they're beautiful.  I'm really excited about them too because I got such a good deal on the crystals, I can sell them at an affordable price! They are very similar to my Antique Noir Earrings, but with these I decided to use a baroque shaped Swarovski crystal for the dangle.  I'm going to try to list them in my Etsy shop tomorrow.  Still gotta come up with a name!  Any ideas?  Please, leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! :)