Mostly Shipping, Only Virtual Shopping (which is still crazy fun!)

So unfortunately, my day today composed of finishing and packing my orders from yesterday, an appointment, house work, and waiting in line at the post office. That's because, although I have killer coupons burning a hole in my pocket to my favorite local craft stores, I didn't have time or energy to go shopping, I'm feeling yucky, and it's snowing giant snowflakes out! I'm a horrible driver and it's getting slick out on those Maine roads!  :)  Bought a few things on Etsy today though-it's so much easier shopping from the comfort of your sofa when the weather is bad outside.  I bought a key ring thing, a business card holder, and I think that's it... Oh, and a pretty hair clip!  Check them out! (and click on their names to be brought to their sites)

by fireweedlane

by LoopsNstitches

And these are the items I shipped out today from My SHOP:

A Purple Primrose Jewelry Box

See another one listed for sale here:


My Icy Blooms Necklace

I don't think I'll be making another one of these, but if you want to see the listing, here it is: