Everyday A Little More Progress-10 SALES AND COUNTING!!!!!

So, yesterday was kind of a landmark day for me, I made my 9th and 10th sales!!!! I'm pretty excited about it! Things have been going really well this month, especially this week, surprisingly enough! I ran a special for my 10th sale and gave away a free jewelry box with a pair of earrings. This is what I sold:

"Your Tears Are Not Forgotten" Earrings
"Bitter Sweet Recollections" Earrings
"Bombay Mahogany" Jewlery Box

Also, I bought something really nifty from one of my fellow Maine sellers, check it out! It's made from a bottle cap and an old map out of a french text book! Can't wait to get it!  This seller, littleeyedesigns, has an amazing "2010 Clearance" sale right now! Coupon Code GETITGONE will save you 40% on your order! Impressive!  Click on her shop name to be brought to her site!  Also, check out her blog! http://littleeyedesigns.wordpress.com

"Map of Paris population density map bottle cap necklace"

by littleeyedesigns

Another exciting thing is that I got a ton of hits on my blog yesterday! I woke up this morning and saw that I have over 300 hits! That's craziness! I'm very pleased! It's a little nuts because I just started this blog on Sunday, and to be honest I really didn't think anyone would be interested in reading it! :)

I did get to go buy some great new products yesterday, but I'm going out shopping again this morning, so I'll do another post about all the incredible goodies I got for inspiration!

Oh yeah! One more thing! Another blog wants to do a feature on my shop! How cool is that!? I just to get off my sorry tail and write up the interview. The blog site is Daydreaming Escape, check it out! Chantal, the author, is so sweet!  She is the owner behind DragonflyExpression shop on Etsy, here's a link to another blog all about her shop, http://dragonflyexpression.blogspot.com/.  She makes beautiful paper flowers and other goodies! SEE!?!?
My Next Purchase from DragonflyExpression