Cleaning House!!!! (and other thrilling adventures) :)

A Semi-Brilliant Idea
Today, I spent most of my day (the part I wasn't waiting on my poor sick hubby some more) cleaning out the workshop.  AAAAH!  It was a total mess!  Beads, string, paintings, wooden boxes, and random junk EVERYWHERE!  I WILL NOT be showing you a before and after's too embarrassing what the room looked like.  The thing about my workshop is that it is also our second bedroom.  That presents a lot of challenges, of course.  This room will basically be a place for my in-laws to stay when they visit from New Hampshire.  Matt's mother, who I absolutely love to death, is an extremely tidy person.  I mean EXTREMELY tidy.  Even everything in her closets is labeled and organized-IT'S AMAZING.  I, however, am not that tidy.  Now, I'm usually not a slob, and I'm generally pretty happy with the way I keep house.  However, COULOMBE CLEAN is a whole different level of clean.  It's like glistening clean, squeaky clean, pine fresh clean.  Thankfully, my mother-in-law doesn't hold me to any unreachable expectations, I just always want to impress her and make her love me... you know, it's just a mother-in-law, daughter-in-law thing.  Anyway, I had a rare flash of brilliance today when I was cleaning and organizing the pit of despair I call my office.  Take a look at how I managed to cuten up a shelving unit with a few pins and a curtain we weren't using!  Great right!  It'll help the room be more guest friendly for sure.  

Cute  Baby Benny

When organizing my shop today, I found some things my mom had saved from my childhood.  I put this picture up in the shop.  It's from kindergarten!  I don't know what my hair was doing, but I do remember that outfit-I loved it!  It had matching pink stirrup pants, oh the 90's!  So I put the photo up in the shop as evidence of  my greatest achievement to-date, Kindergarten Star of the Day!  LOL!  Everyone got to be "Star of the Day" eventually.  I remember thinking that it really wasn't that great of an honor, because it was just a matter of time before everyone got to be the star.  Nevertheless, I also remember waiting on pins and needles for my turn to be the star...  I was a strange, thoughtful child, always eager for attention.  I guess I haven't changed that much!!!  :)

Rotary Phone Acrylic Charm Earrings by EastOfTheSun

In other news, look what great earrings I received in the mail today!  They are from another one of my favorite Etsy sellers, EastOfTheSun.  Click on the link and check out her diverse and interesting shop.  I also got a matching necklace as well!  I love them-they're so unique and fun, just  like all of her items!  She also has some great new Maine photography in her shop that remind me of why I LOVE Maine.


  1. Love the shelving idea! It must be that time of year, I know I spent a day organizing my supplies, too...wishing I had a sewing room. I currently use the dining room table with daily set-up and tear-down, since we often eat meals at our table. I guess it's a good way to make sure I don't let my sewing take over our lives! :-)

  2. hah you sure are funny! i didn't know that about matt's mom, kinda scary:P

  3. btw saw this on ur store page as a favorite we totally had those as kids

  4. I know! I was thinking of buying them for you and Kahlyn!

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