Back to Work!!!! Sort of...

After my ridiculously indulgent shopping expedition on Friday, I was geared up to use my free time this weekend to get some new jewelry designs done!  Mission accomplished!  I was surprisingly productive and came up with a lot of great designs!  I don't have them listed on Etsy yet-I don't even have names picked out for them! If you have any good ideas for the items pictured, leave a comment on this post-I could use all the help I can get! :)  LOL!
Unfortunately, my extreme streak of productivity came to a screeching halt when I realized that, although I had plenty of new, inspiring beads and metal findings to pick from, I RAN OUT OF BEADING WIRE!!!!  Story of my life...  It's rough being clueless sometimes. :)  I also learned something very interesting about working with gemstones, it's very exciting and fulfilling when you come up with a great design to use them in, but it is TRAGIC when you are attempting to implement that design and YOU BREAK THEM!!!!!  I was definitely crying on the inside when I broke labradorite briollette after labradorite briollette trying to add them to a pair of earrings!  Then, I was even more heart broken when I foolishly took the time to calculate what each stone cost!!!!!  No wirework for those delicate little beauties, I learned me lesson! :)

So, I was all geared up after the productive weekend to start a fresh new work week running errands, listing new items, blogging, etc, but the weather had other plans!  Here in Maine, we are in the middle of blizzard like conditions!  Last time I heard, we are expected to get 14 inches of snow today!  Here is a picture I took from our front door, across our street!  It looks like a post card, doesn't it!?  Not a whole lot of snow here yet, but the roads are already covered and slick. No matter, I still love winter-it's so beautiful.

Along with this wintery weather came another surprise wrench in the works that will seriously inhibit my productivity today.  This unexpected occurrence I am not unhappy about at all!  My hubby, the carpenter, is home from work today!  Now, normally he and his business partner brave the inclement weather and work in such ridiculousness, but by some miraculous stroke of sanity, they've decided to stay in today.  So, although I have a long list of things I should be doing, the likelihood of me accomplishing any of them is quite slim...I have more adorable matters to attend to.  See!?!? :)

Even though winter is my favorite season, I still miss a few things about spring and summer.  So, dreaming of green grass, sunshine, and flowers, I made this treasury this morning.  Check it out!  I'm off to be unproductive.  :)